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Summer Institutes

Summer Institute Courses

Every summer, the Bloomberg School offers a wide array of courses in a condensed format through its Johns Hopkins Institutes of Public Health. All courses are offered for academic credit, but can also be taken not for credit at a reduced cost. In the summer of 2023, some courses will be offered online (asynchronously or synchronously); but some courses will be offered in-person at the Baltimore campus of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Students are welcome to select courses from multiple institutes.

The courses listed below are offered in different formats, and you can get a sense of the instructional delivery method by looking at the last two digits of the course number.

  • Course numbers ending in .89 will be offered asynchronously online. Please note that Introduction to Online Learning is a prerequisite for all .89 courses.
  • Course numbers ending in .79 will be taught synchronously online over Zoom.
  • Course numbers ending in .11 and .61 will be taught onsite in Baltimore.
  • Course numbers ending in .49 are the synchronous virtual sections of courses that will be taught onsite in Baltimore (students registering for a .49 section will be participating virtually, while students registering for the .11 or .61 section of the same course will be participating onsite).

For the safety of the entire Bloomberg School community, all individuals who take courses onsite during the Summer Institutes must adhere to the same stringent health protocols that Bloomberg School graduate degree students are required to follow. You may view the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 protocols in full here:

Special Considerations for ONSITE Bloomberg School Summer Institute Courses: 

Since students attending onsite courses will need to comply with JHU COVID-19 protocols, we want to give them adequate time to prepare. For this reason, we recommend that students register for all onsite courses at least two weeks before the first onsite class in that particular course.  Similarly, we do not recommend that students “add” onsite courses during add/drop period.  

View specific instructions about how these coronavirus protocols apply to you, what information you will be required to provide, and when and how to provide it.

Any changes to course schedules will be updated below; cancelled institute courses will not appear in the list below.