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Concentration in Bioethics and Health Policy

Recent Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Graduate Name Dissertation Title
Rachel Fabi (2018) Publicly funded prenatal care for undocumented immigrants: A comparative case study in policy, practice and ethics
Leila Jamal (2017) Exploring prenatal involvement in rare disease research and advocacy
Lee-Lee Ellis (2015) Characterizing patient engagement in research funded by the patient-centered outcomes research institute and exploring the moral importance or patient engagement in research
Amy Paul (2015) Triangulating transition: Conceptual, practical, and ethical considerations for sustaining program impact through transitions to local ownership
Danielle Whicher (2014) Rethinking informed consent requirements for pragmatic comparative effectiveness trials
Krista Harrison (2013) Forks in the road: Organizational values and health care resource allocation decisions in the provision of access to care for the uninsured
JP Leider Setting budgets and priorities in public health practice: A mixed-methods study of resource allocation in state health agencies
Jessica Holzer (2012) Community engagement research: Lessons from clinical and translational science award program and the development of a framework to determine the ethical duty to engage communities in research
Jason Gerson (2009) Freedoms, functionings, and the ethics of health promotion
Ingrid Burger (2007) Ethics and policy issues in the diffusion and marketing of computed tomography (CT) screening exams
Neal Dickert (2006) Maintaining respect at the margins of agency: Respect for persons and research in emergency settings
Summer Johnson McGee (2006) The impact of presidential bioethics commissions: An assessment of outcomes in public bioethics
Julia Slutsman (2003) Assessing physicians' attitudes toward the federal health information privacy rule (HIPAA Privacy Rule) and associated organizational compliance efforts
Sara Chandros Hull (1999) Sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and reproduction: A qualitative study of affected adult and health care provider perspectives
Andrea Kalfoglou (1999) The experiences of ooccyte donors


Below is a list of positions from Alumni of the PhD Concentration in Bioethics and Health Policy.

  • Assistant Professor: SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Genetics Counselor: National Institute for Allergy and Infection Disease, NIH
  • Health Researcher: Mathematica Policy Research
  • Sustainability and Transition Advisor: USAID
  • Senior Program Officer: National Academy of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor of Geriatrics: University of California, San Francisco
  • Independent Consultant: JP Leider Research and Consulting, LLC
  • Assistant Professor: Hofstra University School of Health Professions
  • Associate Director of CER Methods: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
  • Radiologist, Chief of Ultrasound: Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine: Emory University School of Medicine
  • Dean: University of New Haven School of Health Sciences
  • Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs: Children's National Medical Center
  • Faculty: National Institutes of Health's Department of Bioethics Clinical Center
  • Director of Health Administration and Policy Program: University of Maryland, Baltimroe County