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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Policy and Management

Educational Teaching Assistant Experience

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All PhD students are required to serve as a teaching assistant (TA) for four courses while enrolled in the PhD program. Typically, this requirement is met during the first three (3) years.

HPM PhD students are required to fulfill their 4-course requirement prior to receiving payment for any TA positions.  This requirement can only be met through courses offered during the traditional academic year, offered by HPM, carrying 2 or more credits.  Note, courses offered for the MAS program cannot be used to fulfill the requirement.  PhD students fulfilling their TA academic requirement will file the appropriate paperwork with the HPM Office of Academic Affairs. The HPM Office of Academic Affairs will track participation and completion of the requirement; the completed form must be submitted to the HPM Office of Academic Affairs prior to the start of the term. Specific expectations of the TA's role in the course should be discussed by the student with the course instructor and agreed upon prior to submission of this form.