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Public Health on Call Podcast

Evidence and experts to help you understand today’s public health news—and what it means for tomorrow.

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About the Podcast

The Public Health On Call podcast makes important public health topics accessible to all through quick, informative conversations. Hosts tackle complex topics through engaging interviews and real-world perspectives.

Our ever-growing list of guests have included researchers, public health commissioners, elected leaders, patients, clergy, ethicists, front line clinicians, and even former health officials who were fired for doing their jobs.

Since launching in March 2020 with the purpose of sharing credible expertise and debunking misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Health On Call has covered a range of topics, including other viral outbreaks, reproductive health, gun violence prevention, international humanitarian crises, antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, health equity, racial and environmental justice, the opioid crisis, and so much more. In 2023, the show's success was chronicled in The Journal of Health Security

Meet the Hosts

Joshua Sharfstein, MD, vice dean for public health practice and community engagement, a faculty member in health policy, pediatrician, and former secretary of Maryland’s Health Department.

Stephanie Desmon, director of public relations and marketing for the Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Programs and a former journalist.

Lindsay Smith Rogers, director of content strategy for the School and producer of Public Health On Call.

Contact the Show

Email your questions and ideas to, and follow @PublicHealthPod on Twitter.


Anthem Awards

CASE Awards

Signal Awards

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2022 Silver Award for Podcasts in Education.

2023 Silver Award for our series on How Can We Solve the Black Maternal Health Crisis?