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Master of Health Science (MHS) in Global Health Economics

Core Competencies

1. Apply and analyze statistics and econometric methods (including statistical inferences, regression methods, and applied econometric methods) to solve public health problems all while assessing burden of disease
2. Measure and calculate the cost, health effects, and equity of public health interventions, distinguishing between methods and modeling practices used in economic evaluation
3. Apply economic evaluation tools and modeling, and microeconomic concepts, to interpret, analyze, and evaluate issues of health, health care delivery, organizations and financing, and public health policy in a global context

4. Measure and integrate issues of access and equity for vulnerable populations into economic evaluations of public health policy
5. Evaluate the health status and globalization of LMIC populations including incidence and prevalence of disease morbidity and mortality, and life expectancy in LMIC's.
6. Examine the link between governance, economic development, financing of health care, and poverty.