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Practice work takes place every day within our School, across Baltimore, and around the world. 

Combining our education with applied practice offers meaningful experiences for our students and faculty, and tangible benefits for the organizations we partner with.

These collaborations take our knowledge into the field to advance public health practice and improve the health of our communities.

Our efforts generally focus on providing:

  • Education and Professional Development
  • Resources and Capacity Building
  • Partnerships and Consultations

We work with a wide range of partners who share our vision of a healthier and more equitable world, from community members in Baltimore to public health organizations and global leaders, to those within and outside the traditional boundaries of the public health field. 


Stop Harassment & Violence Against the Public Health Workforce

Ongoing workplace violence, harassment, and threats against public health agencies and professionals are stymying our public health system. Building on our "We Stand with Public Health" campaign, we are leading a coalition effort called STOP! to raise awareness and provide resources to help the public health workforce respond to workplace violence-related issues.


We Stand with Public Health

Our "We Stand with Public Health" campaign and webcast raised awareness of the pressures and threats many public health officials are facing, presented new data and analysis about the problem, and articulated a call to action to protect and revitalize the public health workforce. 



COVID-19 Resources for Practitioners

The Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Training Initiative draws on resources at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University to provide COVID-19 training support for public health workers across the U.S.

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Centers and Institutes

Faculty work within our 80+ centers and institutes to apply their research and recommendations in the field. Some examples include the Center for Health Security's work to guide the global COVID-19 response, the Center for Indigenous Health's efforts to advance health and health equity in Native American communities, the Center for Global Health's initiatives to coordinate and focus efforts across Johns Hopkins University to address worldwide health threats, and the Center for Health Equity's efforts to eliminate health and health care disparities.

Practice Highlight

The Bloomberg Fellows Program

The Bloomberg Fellows Program, within the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, is a groundbreaking initiative that provides world-class public health training to individuals engaged with organizations tackling critical challenges facing the U.S. Fellows receive a full scholarship to earn an MPH or DrPH degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

bloomberg american health initiative fellows