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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Nutrition

Recent Dissertation Titles

Environmental enteric dysfunction in early childhood: bridging the gap between diet and stunting in randomized trial of complementary food supplementation in rural Bangladesh (2016).

Evaluation of a pricing and communications intervention with food wholesalers and small food stores to improve supply and demand of healthier foods in Baltimore City (2016).

The role of social relationships in diet and diet-related health outcomes among urban low-income African American adolescents in Baltimore City (2015).

The child plasma proteome: Discovering its application in public health (2015).

Dietary intake, environmental tobacco smoke, nutrient biomarkers and chronic disease risk in United States adolescents (2015).

Effectiveness of a community based participatory program to improve child nutritional status in eastern rural Ethiopia: a cluster randomized trial (2015).

Early life programming of cardiometabolic disease: the role of prenatal zinc, intrauterine growth and the development of the fetal autonomic system (2015).

Formula use in a breastfeeding culture: changing perceptions and patterns of young infant feeding in Vietnam (2015).

Evaluating eating patterns of toddlers from low-income households: a multi-method approach to understanding eating behaviors in young children (2014).

Understanding the processes and challenges of community implementation of a food store based intervention on the Navajo Nation (2014).