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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Social and Behavioral Interventions

Core Competencies

1.  Evaluate and critique the relevant literature on a topic and frame a research question in terms of study goals and specific aims. 
2.  Design a theoretically-grounded research study on social, cultural, and behavioral aspects of health, differentiating between qualitative and quantitative designs. 
3.  Assess and critique the strengths, weaknesses, and variations in practice for the range of qualitative methods used in public health, including participant observation, interviews, focus groups, formative research, and content analysis; and design research that uses these methods appropriately and to their best advantage.
4. Design, conduct, and analyze a methodologically rigorous qualitative research study
5.  Analyze data through principles of psychometrics and using psychosocial statistics, including latent variable models, factor analyses, latent class analyses, structural equation modeling, and latent trait analyses (IRT).