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Postdoctoral Programs

The Bloomberg School provides opportunities for non-degree postdoctoral training in all departments. The School has over 150 Postdoctoral Fellows from over 20 countries around the globe that are involved in a wide range of research areas. Postdoctoral training is increasingly recognized as an essential part of research, and the Bloomberg School is committed to providing a supportive, challenging and world-class research environment for all Fellows. For detailed information on postdoctoral life at the Bloomberg School including benefits, services and policies, visit the Guidebook for Postdoctoral Fellows.

Postdoctoral Community

The Bloomberg School and Johns Hopkins University are supportive of a diverse and inclusive postdoctoral community. Postdocs are encouraged to participate in a range of associations and groups including the Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Association (JHPDA), the Postdoctoral Association Facebook page and the Diversity Postdoctoral Alliance Committee (DPAC).

If you are interested in becoming a postdoctoral fellow, please view the listing of Available Postdoctoral Fellow Positions or contact a faculty member who works in your area of interest.

Keep in mind that all postdoctoral fellows carry out their programs in cooperation with a member of the faculty and all postdoctoral appointments happen through individual departments.

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