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Winter Institute

Registration and Fees


Registration is now open for the 2024 Winter Institute!

BSPH Degree Students

Non-degree Students and Non-credit Students

  • New Institute Participants: If you are not enrolled in a degree program at the Bloomberg School and have not previously taken a course at the Bloomberg School, please follow the registration instructions for new students found on the Continuing Education Student Service website.
  • Continuing/Returning, Non-degree Students: Continuing Special Students Limited (SSLs) who have previously enrolled in credit courses at the Bloomberg School are able to register for Institute courses by logging into SIS using their JHED-ID and password. If you wish to register for Institute courses not for credit, please visit the Non-Degree Application page.
  • Individuals who are not enrolled in a degree or certificate program at the Bloomberg School should be aware that there is a limit of 16 credits that may be taken as Special Students Limited.
  • Students enrolled in other JHU degree programs outside the Bloomberg School should be aware that interdivisional registrations are not permitted for the Winter Institute.

Registration Deadlines

Registration for the 2024 Winter Institutes ends officially on December 29, 2023. However, after this date, it is still possible for students to add (or drop) courses. View the Changing Registration chart below for more details on when you can add/drop courses.

Degree-seeking students who miss the registration deadline and the add/drop deadline below cannot use SIS to register and must request assistance from the Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM). Students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Johns Hopkins University and/or students who wish to register not for academic credit should continue to reach out to for assistance with their registration.

*Since students attending onsite courses will need to comply with JHU COVID-19 protocols, we want to give them adequate time to prepare. We recommend that students register for onsite courses at least two weeks before the first onsite class in that particular course. 

Academic Credit, Not-for-Credit, Pass/Fail

Students wishing to take courses in the Winter Institute must decide the format in which they wish to take the courses:

  • For Academic Credit: Tuition for courses taken for academic credit is charged by the credit unit according to the School's tuition and fees structure. Students taking courses for academic credit may choose whether they wish to take the courses for a letter grade or pass/fail. Grade system can be changed through the deadlines listed below.
  • Not-for-credit: Individuals may elect to take courses not-for-credit, recognizing that they will not receive a grade for courses taken and that the course work will not be reflected on a BSPH transcript. Individuals taking Institute courses not-for-credit are not required to participate in class assignments or exams, as they will not receive a grade. Please note that certificates of participation are not distributed in all courses. Students who wish to take courses not-for-credit should verify whether the course will provide a certificate of participation.

Please refer to the course descriptions for the credit value of each course. Courses taken not-for-credit may not be retroactively converted to academic credit after the add/drop period.

Changing Registration:

Students may add, drop, or make changes to a grade system for a course as per the following schedule. After the stated deadlines, courses can neither be added nor the grade systems changed, and any drops will be processed as withdrawals with no tuition refund.

Course Duration Add/Drop/Grade System Change Deadline
1-3 day courses

Prior to first class

Add/drop from 7am to 12pm on the first day of class only

4-5 day courses

Prior to the second class

Add/drop during the first day of class from 7am to 11:59pm

6-9 day courses

Prior to third class

Add/drop during the first two days of classes from 7am to 11:59pm

10-14 day courses

Prior to the fourth class

Add/drop during the first three days of classes from 7am to 11:59pm

Degree seeking students and certificate students may add or drop courses and make grade system changes during the add/drop period via SIS Self Service.  

Special Students Limited should contact for assistance with adding or dropping courses or making grade system changes.

Option for Pass/Fail in Winter Institute 2024 Courses

Students may choose to take courses pass/fail in the Winter Institute, but it is the responsibility of the student to verify with their degree program or employer that courses taken pass/fail are acceptable for their purposes. 

Tuition and Fees

Information about tuition costs for the January 2024 Winter Institute is available on the School's Tuition and Fees page. 

Special students and non-credit students must pay in full at the time of registration. Statements for Winter Institute tuition for newly admitted MPH and continuing students will be posted electronically and available to view in SIS in mid-January 2024.

Payment for Winter Institute courses is due in January 2024. Financial assistance is not available for the 2024 Winter Institute. Full-time students in BSPH academic degree programs must pay for enrollments in Institute courses separately, and in addition to their full-time tuition. Tuition rates are displayed on the BSPH tuition and fees page; full-time students enrolling in 11 or fewer credits will pay per credit; students enrolling in 12 or more credits will pay a flat rate. 

Tuition Remission

Registrants financed by agencies such as the World Health Organization or the U.S. Federal Government must submit purchase orders or contract documents with their application. Employees of Johns Hopkins University who wish to use tuition remission should visit the Tuition Remission section of the JHU Benefits site for appropriate application forms. The Johns Hopkins tuition remission does not cover the cost of books/materials. 

Cancellation Policy

The Winter Institute reserves the right to cancel a course due to low enrollment, in which event the full enrollment fee for the course will be refunded.