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MSPH in Human Nutrition – Dietitian

MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) Program FAQ

What is the deadline to apply?
December 1

Is it possible to get credit for prerequisite courses through an online college course or do they have to be completed at a community college, local college, etc.?
Prerequisite courses may be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level at an accredited institution of your choice, whether it's on-line or in-person.  For Anatomy & Physiology, they are usually offered as separate courses (an Anatomy course and a Physiology course) or as A&P I and II. Either arrangement is fine; however, a one-semester combined A&P course is too condensed to cover both topics in one semester, and it is information used on a daily basis during the practicum. If you are not sure a course fulfills the prerequisite requirements, please contact Marcy Kane ( or Cristina Salazar (

What is the admissions process to the MSPH in Human Nutrition – Dietitian program?
Students need to apply to the MSPH program in the Department of International Health. In the application, students need to choose "International Health" as the Department, then "Human Nutrition" as the program area. Next, select the “MSPH in Human Nutrition – Dietitian” box. Applicants should also mention the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian)program in their personal statements. The primary acceptance into the MSPH program is determined by the International Health admissions committee. A candidate gets a preliminary review by the Department's MSPH program. Strong applications get passed on to the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) program admissions committee for admission into the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) track. This committee will look at the prerequisite courses and will conduct interviews in person or by video conference. If the candidate does not get admitted by the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) program, the MSPH admissions committee reviews the applicant again and decides whether to admit the candidate into the MSPH program. The Department of International Health will contact the student with the admission decision.

Does this master's enable me to register with the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics?
Following completion of the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) program at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, graduates are qualified to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians Nutritionists.

Can I apply to the MSPH in Human Nutrition – Dietitian program after I start classes as an MSPH student at JHSPH?
No, unfortunately the only time you can apply to the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) is at the same time as you are applying to the MSPH degree in International Health.

Is there anything else I need to know about the MSPH in Human Nutrition – Dietitian program?
Students admitted to the MSPH in IH (Human Nutrition – Dietitian) must take the course Introduction to Biomedical Sciences, which is an intensive 2-week course offered in August prior to Orientation. For more information please contact Cristina Salazar at 410-955-3734.