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Master of Health Science (MHS) in Global Health Economics

Meet the Director

Antonio Trujillo

Dr. Antonio Trujillo is an associate professor in the Department of International Health with expertise in health economics, economics of aging, and conducting economic evaluations. His work focuses on how to use incentives and market arrangements to motivate individuals with chronic conditions to self-manage their condition and seek care sooner.

Currently, Dr. Trujillo is exploring how an economic view of fairness can inform drug regulation to help promote price transparency and prevent price gouging. He is also working on a study in Peru that examines the role of group incentives in promoting healthy behavior, specifically focusing on patients with diabetes. The project aims to inform a better design of programs that focus on addressing chronic conditions.

Dr. Trujillo’s research areas include designing systems to identify individuals with high-risk factors for chronic conditions; studying the use of economic incentives to motivate individuals with chronic conditions to engage in self-management; validating the role of clinical guidelines in reducing medical costs of chronic conditions; and studying the causal links between chronic conditions and labor force participation, income and retirement.

As the director of the Master of Health Science (MHS) in Global Health Economics degree program, Dr. Trujillo teaches an advanced econometrics course on program impact evaluation using observational data and a course on behavioral economics and public health.