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 A powerful, global network 26K+ strong.

Become an Active Member of our Global Alumni Network

Attending the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health means you will always be part of both the school and the Johns Hopkins University. 

With over 27,000 graduates conducting critical public health work around the globe, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School global alumni network is one of the most valuable assets of a Bloomberg School education.  

Alumni have exclusive access to industry leaders, cutting-edge research, and a world-class public health community. Stay in touch so you don’t miss out on special alumni events, professional development opportunities, student mentorship, e-mail communications, the latest research, school updates and more!


Featured Item: Alumni Panel

The Power of Mentorship

Join Dr. Farag, PhD '18, MPH '13, and Dr. Adeyemi, MPH '08,  for a conversation on the importance of mentorship and how to seek out and maintain multiple mentors throughout a career.

Original air date: April 6, 2022

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