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Summer Institutes


Register Now:

Non-degree Students:    

To register for an Institute course as a non-degree student, please visit the Continuing Education Student Services page.   If you are experiencing difficulties with your registration for an Institute, please contact Continuing Education Student Services at 410-502-8053 or with your questions about the registration process.

Full payment is required at the time of registration. Please visit the Institute Tuition page for more information.  If a 3rd party sponsor will be paying for you, or you will be using tuition remission, please contact the Continuing Education Student Services office to submit the paperwork.​

Current Degree Students:

If you are a JHSPH student and are enrolled in a degree or certificate program at the Bloomberg School, please register through SIS just as you would for regular term courses.  

Academic Credit, Not for Credit, Pass/Fail

Students wishing to take courses in the Summer Institutes must decide on the format in which they wish to take the courses:

  • For academic credit- courses taken for academic credit are charged per credit, according to the School's tuition and fees structure. Students taking courses for academic credit may choose whether they wish to take the courses for a letter grade or pass/fail. 
  • Not for credit- individuals may elect to take courses not for credit, recognizing that they will not receive a grade and will not earn a JHSPH transcript for the courses taken. Individuals taking insitute courses not for credit are not required to participate in class assignments or exams, as they will not receive a grade. Please note that certificates of participation are not distributed in all institutes, so students who wish to take courses not for credit should verify beforehand whether this is a possibility for the courses they wish to take. If you wish to register for an institute course not for credit, please visit the Non-Degree Application page. 

Registration Deadlines

Information about registration deadlines can be found in the School's academic calendar.

Degree-seeking students who miss the deadline cannot use SIS to register and must use a hard copy registration form, that can be obtained from the Office of Records and Registration. 

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about registration, please visit the Non-Degree Application FAQs page. 

Cancellation Policy

The Bloomberg School reserves the right to cancel any course, in which event the full enrollment fee for the course will be refunded. 

Changing Registration

Students may drop or add a course during the first day that the course is offered. After the first day that the course is offered, there will be no refund of tuition for dropped courses. It is not possible to add an institute course more than one day after the start date. 

Registration (including online courses) will end the day before the start of classes for the given section by 11:59 pm. Please note:  A $50 course change fee will be charged if a change in registration from academic credit to non-credit or non-credit to academic credit is requested for institute enrollments.

Students may add, drop, or make changes to a grade system for a course as per the following schedule. A course can neither be added nor the grade system changed after the stated deadlines.  Any drops will be processed as withdrawals and there will be no tuition refund.

Course Duration Add/Drop Deadline
1-3 day courses Prior to the first class.

Add/drop from 7am to 12pm on the first day of class only.
4-5 day courses

Prior to the second class.

Add/drop from 7am to 11:59pm.

6-9 day courses Prior to the third class.

Add/drop during the first two days of classes from 7am to 11:59pm.
10-14 day courses Prior to the fourth class.

Add/drop during the first three days of classes from 7am to 11:59pm.
15+ day courses Prior to the fifth class.

Add/drop during the first four days of classes from 7am to 11:59pm.

Degree-seeking students may add or drop courses during the add/drop period via SIS Self Service.

Special Students Limited must use the add/drop form that is available in the Student Affairs Office (E1002).

Option for Pass/Fail Grades in Summer Institutes Courses

In a temporary departure from the Pass/Fail policy, every student enrolled in a course taken for academic credit during Summer Institute term of Academic Year 2021-2022 will be allowed to take the course as Pass/Fail if they wish to do so. Courses taken Pass/Fail this term will count towards graduation and program requirements (for degrees and certificate programs) as if they were taken under the Letter grade system, assuming that a Pass grade is earned. This policy is consistent with policies of the Council on Education for Public Health. The fee for grade system changes will also be waived for the term.

Many of the existing rules and considerations for electing the Pass/Fail grade system remain in place:

  • Students must follow the timeline shown on the Registration- Summer Institutes page, under "Changing Registration" to switch their grade system to Pass/Fail for a Summer Institute course.
  • If students elect to take a course for a Pass/Fail grade, their transcript will indicate either P (Pass; corresponding to a letter grade of A, B, or C), D, or F. Both D and F indicate a failing grade and are included in GPA calculations. A Passing grade is not included in GPA calculations.
  • Students who are on academic warning may not take core requirement courses for Pass/Fail grading since they are required to improve their GPA and taking a course for Pass/Fail cannot accomplish this.
  • Students who engage in an academic ethics violation forfeit their right to switch to Pass/Fail.
  • Students should confirm with their source of funding support to ensure Pass/Fail grades are sufficient. For example, traditionally some employers have required an A or B grade in order to provide reimbursement for tuition. Similarly students should be mindful of grade format requirements for programs or positions to which they may seek to apply in the future.

Please review the Pass/Fail policy and reach out to with any questions regarding the Pass/Fail policy.