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We create and apply methods for quantitative research in the health sciences, and we provide innovative biostatistics education, making discoveries to improve health.


Biostatistics Headlines

Jenna Krall, PhD '14

Alumni Spotlight: Jenna Krall, PhD '14

Jenna Krall, PhD '14, is an associate professor in the Department of Global and Community Health at George Mason University College of Public Health, with research interests in air pollution and environmental epidemiology.

What We Do in the Department of Biostatistics

The Bloomberg School's Department of Biostatistics is the oldest department of its kind in the world and has long been considered one of the best. Our faculty conduct research across the spectrum of statistical science, from foundations of inference to the discovery of new methodologies for health applications.

Our designs and analytic methods enable health scientists and professionals across industries to efficiently acquire knowledge and draw valid conclusions from ever-expanding sources of information.

Biostatistics Highlights

First in U.S.

First freestanding statistics department in the U.S.


Data science driving health and empowering opportunity


Foundational discoveries for inference and modeling


Creative, close-knit community

Biostatistics Programs

The Department of Biostatistics offers three graduate programs to applicants with a bachelor's degree (or higher) interested in professional or academic careers at the interface of the statistical and health sciences.

We also have funded training programs in the Epidemiology and Biostatistics of Aging for PhD students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Master of Health Science (MHS)

Onsite | Full-Time | 1 year

Our one-year MHS program provides study in biostatistical theory & methods. It is also open to students concurrently enrolled in a JHU doctoral program.

Master of Science (ScM)

Onsite | Full-Time | 2 years

Our ScM targets individuals who have demonstrated prior excellence in quantitative or biological sciences and desire a career as a professional statistician.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Onsite | Full-Time | 5 years

Our PhD graduates lead research in the foundations of statistical reasoning, data science, and their application making discoveries to improve health.  

Biostatistics Faculty Spotlight

Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, PhD

Ciprian Crainiceanu, PhD, MS, is a biostatistician who works on complex, high dimensional data obtained from wearable and implantable computing and neuroimaging studies. Ciprian, along with 3 former students, recently published the book Functional Data Analysis with R, which presents methods for handling functional data including dimension reduction techniques, smoothing, functional regression, structured decompositions of curves, and clustering.

Ciprian Crainiceanu

Biostatistics Consulting Center

The Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center is the practice arm of our Department, providing the latest in biostatistical and information science expertise to a wide range of clients both within and outside Johns Hopkins.

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Our People

Nora Elhaissouni, ScM Student

Nora Elhaissouni is a first year ScM student in the Department of Biostatistics and is part of a research team focused on the prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Nora is the first recipient of the Hunter Scholarship and looks forward to helping others access career opportunities, just as Gertrude Huster, SPH '84 (MHS) did.

Nora Elhaissouni

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