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Our events, onsite and online, help to share Bloomberg School knowledge in compelling ways and in partnership with a robust network of collaborators.


Bloomberg American Health Summit 2023

On November 7, the Bloomberg American Health Summit in Baltimore brought more than 500 Bloomberg fellows, leading public officials, inspiring community leaders, and cutting edge researchers faculty and public health leaders together to engage, plan, and discover how uncommon connections and partnerships are fueling advances in health across the country. 

Graphic: Bloomberg American Health Initiative 2023: The Power of Connection to Advance Public Health
Past Event

Summit on Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

On June 27, experts from both JHU and outside institutions shared research and best practices about workplace mental health in academia. This summit addressed the psychosocial factors, organizational conditions, and environmental exposures that impact employee mental health and wellbeing.

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National Summit on Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing - A Focus on the Graduate Academic Environment

Johns Hopkins Health Policy Forum with Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor of the State of New Mexico, joined Dean Ellen MacKenzie on Friday, May 5 at 12 p.m. ET to discuss health policy solutions for New Mexico and beyond, as well as strategies for leading on public health and policy issues.


Symposium: The Deadly Intersection of White Supremacy and Firearms

The merging of white supremacy, political violence, guns and the Second Amendment is both deadly and complex. Experts analyzed the problem and discuss evidence-based solutions that can have an impact on the local, state and federal levels. A recording will be posted when it is available.

Introduction image to symposium with event information and American flag

The 2022 Bloomberg American Health Summit: Public Health: On Location

The Bloomberg American Health Initiative hosted its fifth annual summit in Philadelphia and brought together Initiative fellows, faculty and public health leaders for networking, learning, and opportunities to see public health in action locally and nationwide. The recording of the main plenary session from December 6, 2022 is accessible to the general public.




Responding to Gun Violence with Effective and Fair Solutions

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, Johns Hopkins University hosted a live, virtual briefing on responses to the crisis of gun violence, featuring a panel of Bloomberg School experts.

Topics included the challenge gun violence poses for American democracy; which gun laws are effective; public opinion research about solutions to gun violence; and measures to promote student safety and health.

Past Event

Bridging Faith and Science to Combat the Overdose Crisis Series

On May 4, 2022, Chelsea ClintonSusan ShermanTom Coderre, and Rev, Edwin Sanders, and other leaders, discussed how the faith and public health communities can take action on the overdose crisis.

This convening focused on how the faith and science communities can work together to promote harm reduction strategies and ideas, address substance use disorders and reverse a dangerous trend of increasing overdose deaths.

Past Event

The Vulnerability of Health Care in Conflict: Ukraine and Beyond

In our April 13, 2022, public health leaders will provide context and recommend action in response to the violence against hospitals, medical personnel, and other health care workers in ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Myanmar, Tigray, and elsewhere.

Professorship Dedication Ceremonies

Named endowed professorships allow us to recognize the success of our faculty who are also leaders in their field. They are the pioneers who will chart new courses of discovery and attract the most promising students to our School.

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Lectures and Other Events

The School has a number of research and practice related seminar series that occur throughout the year and contribute to the intellectual community of the School, for students, staff, and faculty. 

A full listing of events can also be found on the events calendar.