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Our events, onsite and online, help to share Bloomberg School knowledge in compelling ways and in partnership with a robust network of collaborators.


Responding to Gun Violence with Effective and Fair Solutions

On Thursday, June 2, from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EDT, Johns Hopkins University hosted a live, virtual briefing on responses to the crisis of gun violence, featuring a panel of Bloomberg School experts.

Topics included the challenge gun violence poses for American democracy; which gun laws are effective; public opinion research about solutions to gun violence; and measures to promote student safety and health.

Recent Event

Bridging Faith and Science to Combat the Overdose Crisis Series

On Wednesday May 4, 2022, Chelsea ClintonSusan ShermanTom Coderre, and Rev, Edwin Sanders, and other leaders, discussed how the faith and public health communities can take action on the overdose crisis.

This convening focused on how the faith and science communities can work together to promote harm reduction strategies and ideas, address substance use disorders and reverse a dangerous trend of increasing overdose deaths.

Recent Event

The Vulnerability of Health Care in Conflict: Ukraine and Beyond

In our April 13 event, public health leaders will provide context and recommend action in response to the violence against hospitals, medical personnel, and other health care workers in ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Myanmar, Tigray, and elsewhere.

COVID-19 Events

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have hosted virtual events and briefings to inform broad audiences and the media.


COVID-19 and Kids: Impacts, Uncertainties and the Role of Vaccines

This virtual symposium focused on COVID-19’s broad effect on youths in the 5- to 12-year-old range and their families, the current state of play in youth vaccine development, and ethical aspects of global vaccine scarcity and youth immunization.

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We Stand With Public Health

They came to public health committed to save lives. They are leaving in the wake of attacks, harassment, and even death threats. More than 180 state and local public health officials have left their jobs in less than a year, depleting and stymying our public health system just when we need it most.

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Professorship Dedication Ceremonies

Named endowed professorships allow us to recognize the success of our faculty who are also leaders in their field. They are the pioneers who will chart new courses of discovery and attract the most promising students to our School.

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Lectures and Other Events

The School has a number of research and practice related seminar series that occur throughout the year and contribute to the intellectual community of the School, for students, staff, and faculty. 

A full listing of events can also be found on the events calendar.