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Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Core Competencies

1. Examine and recommend programs and policies to improve global public health, with a focus on low-and-middle income settings and under-resourced populations.
2. Design epidemiologic studies to define and measure public health problems in low-resource settings including the design, ethical considerations, and implementation of the studies.
3.  Assess and recommend interventions to prevent and control major causes of morbidity and mortality (or their risk factors), in low-and middle income settings and under-resourced populations.
4.  Examine and differentiate the types, the processes of development, and the guidelines of use for globally-available public health interventions including vaccines, behavioral, environmental and/or technologic interventions. 
5. Identify and critique sources of large-scale public health data used to describe, illustrate and interpret the state of health at a population level.
6.  Analyze large-scale data from low-and-middle income settings or from global health agencies to illustrate and interpret a public health priority.