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Science of Clinical Investigation Training Program


How may courses do I need to take in order to receive the SOCI Achievement Award?

Four.  Participants must successfully complete four courses, two required courses (Design of Clinical Studies and Quantitative Analysis of Clinical Data) along with two electives. 

Can I take courses online?

Yes, any SOCI participant may take classes on-campus, online, or a combination of the two.  Course content and cost are the same no matter how the course is offered.

Can I take the courses in any order?

The Design of Clinical Studies (390.676) and Quantitative Analysis (390.672) courses are complementary and should be taken in sequence in the same year.  Ethics and Regulation (390.673), Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation (390.678), Outcomes and Effectiveness (390.675), and Database Design (390.677) have no prerequisites and may be taken before or after the Design/Quantitative Analysis sequence. 

What is the application deadline for this program?

There is no application deadline, candidates may apply and begin at any point in the academic year.

How long do I have to complete the training program?

The training program must be completed within three years of entry.  

Can I enroll in one of the SOCI courses without applying to the program?

Yes, any course may be taken by itself.

Can I receive academic credit (toward a degree) for the SOCI courses?

The Design/Analysis course sequence cannot be taken for academic credit as this series overlaps the curriculum of early biostatistics and epidemiology courses.  The other 4 courses offered may be taken for academic credit, but would then not count toward earning the SOCI Award (all courses taken for the award must be taken non-credit).

Additional Questions?

Please contact Cristina DeNardo,