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Custom Track

DrPH Custom Track

The Custom Concentration curriculum affords students flexibility to tailor their training to their academic and professional goals. The curriculum includes cross-cutting and interdisciplinary coursework focused on program development, program evaluation, and systems thinking in public health. Students work with their faculty advisors to develop customized competencies that guide their courses. Students in the Custom Concentration have several options to combine divergent or intersectional lines of study into a cohesive and synergistic individualized curriculum.

Track Directors

The DrPH Custom Track concentration directors are:

Lauren J. Parker, PhD, MPH

Sean Allen, DrPH

Please click their links to learn more about their research interests, departmental and center or institute affiliations, and contact information.

Custom Track Competencies

1. Compare and contrast intrapersonal, interpersonal, community, and social behavior change theories and frameworks, and assess their usefulness for designing public health interventions overall, and in a chosen specialty area.
2. Assess strengths and weaknesses of applying the systems approach to public health problems overall, and in a chosen specialty area.
3. Design a comprehensive evaluation plan of a health program.


Custom Track Curriculum

Students are expected to complete a minimum of 27 credits of track-specific courses. Students pursuing a customized program of study will take three courses (10 credits) that emphasize cross-cutting competencies in the areas of 1) program development; 2) program evaluation; and 3) systems thinking.

Building on these competencies, custom students will work with their advisors and track co-directors to select a minimum of 18 didactic credits of customized coursework related to their custom area of interest and to identify two customized competencies corresponding to the learning objectives of two of these courses. This additional coursework can be selected from any of the courses offered at Johns Hopkins University with receipt of the appropriate approval.

Courses taken to fulfill foundational requirements may not be applied to fulfill track requirements.

Custom Concentration requirements can also be found on the University E-Catalogue