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Our Hybrid Campus

Our students study and learn in partnership with faculty at the frontlines of public health research and professional practice. Both onsite and online students have more total opportunities than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic due to our commitment to continuing to offer many hybrid opportunities, both in and outside of the classroom. 

We offer a large mix of synchronous and asynchronous options to ensure that all students—regardless of their chosen format—benefit from a world-class Bloomberg School education and robust opportunities outside the classroom. 

Online students learn as if they were located in Baltimore: taking classes, attending a noon-time seminar, joining a study group to prepare for a final exam, meeting with their advisor, reaching out to a teaching assistant for extra help, participating in a research project or practice activity, connecting with alumni, accessing our career services, and—perhaps most importantly—getting to know faculty and fellow students who will become lifelong colleagues and friends. 


A Rich Catalogue of Online and Virtual Courses 

Our classroom instruction—whether onsite, online, or hybrid—draws on well-established pedagogy and Bloomberg School technology that maximizes faculty and student engagement.  

Many of our courses were previously available online, even before the pandemic hit. These offerings were routinely taken by full-time and part-time degree students and consistently received high marks for quality and accessibility. They offer asynchronous, carefully structured lectures and materials that can be viewed by students when convenient. Additionally, these offerings are supplemented by a limited number of synchronous real-time, “live talk” experiences for engaged learning with faculty and classmates—all delivered via our proprietary CoursePlus learning platform developed by the Bloomberg School and supported by its Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Other courses, using Zoom technology, will stream live from studios on our Baltimore campus that are equipped with upgraded advanced audiovisual equipment, including multiple cameras that can capture the instructor in action—sharing slides, teaching from a whiteboard, or using a document camera. The studios also provide large screens, enabling faculty to engage with students while teaching in real time, delivering a rich “in class” experience for our remote learners. Some of these courses will blend synchronous, real-time instructional experience with pre-recorded asynchronous lectures, which are typically designed to deliver didactic material that can be viewed when convenient. Doing so allows faculty to provide the background for more in-depth and interactive discussion during the real-time, synchronous sessions. 

Outside the Classroom

We offer a full array of opportunities for students and faculty to connect both inside and outside the classroom. These activities, many of which are available online, include: 

  • A robust program of daily seminars and special events 
  • Applied practice activities that bring students to the frontlines of public health 
  • Individual and group mentoring and professional development sessions 
  • Participation in student-led groups and activities 
  • Student research opportunities in collaboration with faculty 
  • Connecting with alumni from around the world and with experts in your chosen area of study 
  • Opportunities to network with other students, faculty, and public health leaders 
  • All student services and support, including academic advising, career planning and life design, health and wellness counseling, library resources, and information technology support. 

Both on campus and online, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School offers an exciting, engaging experience that will fully prepare students for the public health challenges we are facing now and in the future. 

In Our Students’ Words

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