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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Systems

Core Competencies

1. Analyze use of summary measures of population health for policy development, resource allocation for programs and interventions, and planning efficient and equitable health care systems
2.  Generate health systems research questions with an understanding of the role of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches within different study designs, depending on the type of inference required to improve health systems processes
3.  Appraise and apply scientifically sound and appropriate methods and tools to design a research study including a conceptual/theoretical framework, study instrument, sampling design, and plan for data analysis. 
4. Compose and communicate scientific findings through written and oral methods to scientific audiences and peers. 
5. Apply and appraise health systems frameworks, strategies, and tools (e.g. systems thinking, budgeting, financial management, performance management, etc.) to identify and address gaps to strengthen health systems in LMICs