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Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Human Nutrition

MSPH Capstone

The culminating experience of the MSPH program is the production of an MSPH capstone that provides a meaningful contribution to knowledge of the health of underserved populations. The capstone is not a thesis in that it need not contain original research findings for review by an academic committee. However, it should provide tangible evidence of expertise on a specific applied topic of international health relevance. The capstone must be reviewed and approved by two faculty readers.

Recent Capstone Titles

  • Prevalence of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies in Bariatric Patients Following the 2013 Updated Supplementation Guidelines
  • Food and Nutrition: From Class to Clinic to Policy
  • Perspectives of Caregivers of SAM Children Toward Introduction of Point-of Use Water Treatment Devices in Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan
  • The Industrial Food Animal Production Supply Chain: Influences, Outcomes, and Implications for Public Health
  • Using the UNICEF framework as a nutritional landscaping tool: A case study in Rwanda