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Certificate Programs

Gender and Health Certificate Program

Sponsored By: Departments of Health, Behavior and Society, International Health, and Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Onsite | Part-Time | 1-3 years

About the Gender and Health Certificate Program

The Certificate Program in Gender and Health will provide concrete training in gender and health with particular focus on gender theories, gender analysis, gender-based violence research methods, gender and sexuality, gender and women’s health, gender and men’s health, and intersectionality. Gender as applied to public health is a burgeoning field, and many NGOs and multi-lateral organizations have specific gender specialist positions; this Certificate Program is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to work in this area.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the role of gender in shaping health inequities and recognize how gender health inequities affect health research and interventions.
  2. Apply gender analysis and gender concepts to leading related health topics related to women’s, men’s and people with other gender identities’ health, including sexual/reproductive health and gender-based violence.
  3. Incorporate gender analysis into health research and interventions.

Curriculum for the Gender and Health Certificate Program

Please visit our Academic Catalogue to see the full certificate curriculum requirements. Please also review completion requirements.

Admissions Requirements

Degree Students

JHU and BSPH graduate students who are interested in completing the certificate program should complete the Notification of Intent form, preferably prior to beginning certificate coursework.

Eligible Start Terms:


Email Certificate Program Contact

Non-Degree Students

This certificate program is only open to individuals who are currently matriculated in a degree program in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health or other schools at the Johns Hopkins University.

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Sponsoring Departments:
International Health
Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Health, Behavior and Society

Certificate Program Contact
Karen Unterberger

Faculty Sponsor
Rosemary Morgan