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Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Health Policy

FAQ for MSPH in Health Policy

How do I find a field placement?

Students are encouraged to utilize existing partnerships within the Program, however if there is a particular organization a student is interested in working with we will assist them with obtaining an appropriate placement. Opportunities for career assistance, networking, and placements themselves are communicated to the students.

Does the field placement need to be in Maryland?

No. Field placements do not need to be completed in Maryland. In cases where the field placement takes place outside of a reasonable distance of Baltimore, the Program will work with the student, their preceptor, and their worksite to ensure the student meets required assignment deadlines.

Can the field placement be split across different experiences?

Yes, the field placement can be completed through multiple consecutive experiences. All other requirements

Can I work full- or part-time while earning an MSPH?

The structure of the program makes maintaining a full-time position prohibitive. TA positions are available to MSPH students in their second year, provided they can maintain their full-time field placement.

What work experience is necessary?

Work experience is not a requirement for the MSPH Program. Some students entering the MSPH program may have some work experience while others apply directly after graduating from college. However, we do encourage applicants to gain as much experience in public policy, public health, or in a related field as possible. Those experiences do not have to be paid opportunities. The Admissions Committee will review your resume and essays for evidence of leadership, community service and any prior exposure to public health as a volunteer, intern or paid part-time work experience. It is recommended that applicants identify and emphasize their experience, leadership experience and potential during the application process.