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Certificate Programs

Tuition for Certificate Programs


The cost to undertake a certificate program varies by student type.

Part-Time JHSPH Degree Students and Non-Degree Students

Part-time JHSPH degree students and non-degree students pursuing a certificate program pay the Bloomberg School's tuition rate for part-time degree students, multiplied by the number of academic credit units taken for the certificate program; all certificate programs require a minimum of 18 academic credits, and many programs require more than 18 credits. The current rate per credit unit for the 2021-2022 Academic Year (from June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022) is US $1,233 per academic credit. 

  • Non-Degree Students enrolled in OPAL certificate programs will receive the OPAL scholarship. See details on the JHSPH tuition  web page. 

Part-time JHSPH degree students and non-degree students who take 12 or more academic credits in one term will be charged a flat fee of US $14,796 (AY 2021-22) for their enrollment for that term. That is, they will be charged the full-time rate, rather than being charged for course credits individually. 

The JHSPH tuition rate for future academic years may be different from the current rate, so students who will require more than one academic year to complete their certificate program should anticipate that the cost per academic credit may vary in future academic years. 

Full-Time JHSPH Degree Students

Full-time JHSPH degree-seeking students who have matriculated into an academic degree program at JHSPH do not pay additional tuition for certificate courses, with the exception of Institute courses, whose costs are typically separate from degree program costs. 

Students Enrolled in Degree Programs in Other Divisions of JHU

Full-time students enrolled in a degree-program at another division of JHU should check with the Office of Records and Registration at their primary school of record to obtain information about the number of courses they may take at JHSPH and the cost associated with those courses.