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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs offer focused academic training in specific areas of public health, with topics ranging from human rights to health informatics, from vaccine science to public health economics.

Certificate programs typically require less time and coursework than a degree, making them appealing both to current Bloomberg degree students desiring specialization in particular topic areas and to individuals seeking to learn more about specific areas of public health. Individual programs may be geared toward current students, non-degree-seeking students or to a broad audience.

Applicants not currently enrolled in a Johns Hopkins degree program must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and have a strong academic record.

In the list below, an asterisk ( * ) indicates that the certificate program can be completed online.

Certificate Programs for Hopkins Students Only

Certificate Programs for Hopkins and Non-Degree Students

Certificate Programs Open to Non-Degree Students Only

Certificate Programs That Are Closed to New Applicants


* This certificate program can be completed entirely online