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Postdoctoral Programs

Process for Appointing Postdoctoral Fellows

Reach out to the faculty member of interest

A prospective postdoctoral candidate should directly contact the faculty member they wish to conduct their postdoctoral training with. The faculty member will requests letters of reference and an interview may be required as well. Once the faculty member decides to accept a postdoctoral fellow, the departmental chair or administrator is notified for approval, including verification of adequate funding for the postdoctoral candidate. Once the department approves the appointment, an acceptance letter with details on funding and terms of appointment are sent to the postdoctoral candidate.

The process following your acceptance as a postdoctoral fellow

Should you accept the invitation by the faculty member, you must then submit an online application form. Click here to access the Bloomberg School Postdoctoral Fellowship application.

Additionally, you must submit evidence of a doctoral degree. Documentation for the award/completion of a doctoral degree may be satisfied by any one of the following:

  1. An official transcript that clearly indicates: (a) conferral of a doctoral degree AND (b) the date of conferral
  2. An official letter from the degree-granting institution that (a) confirms completion of all requirements for a doctoral degree and (b) the date of degree conferral
  3. An official copy of a diploma sent from the degree-granting institution

Please note: Documentation must be official in order for your application to be considered complete. We cannot accept copies of transcripts, faxed transcripts, transcripts by email, or personal copies that have been opened by the applicant. Please have transcripts sent to the address below:

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Admissions Services
615 N. Wolfe Street, Suite E1002
Baltimore, MD 21205

Once the application is complete and credentials accepted, a letter from your future faculty mentor or departmental chair confirming appointment details should be sent to the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

In the case of foreign postdocs, the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs will submit all the materials, including letter from the department and credentials to the office of international services, at which point the application for Visa (eg., J-1 or H-1) will initiate. No Visa applications can be processed until all the materials have been submitted.

Welcome to the Bloomberg School!

Once the application process has been completed, including any necessary Visa approvals, the postdoc may begin their training by registering in person or online through the Records and Registration Office. Registration must be completed in the initial term and during each established registration period thereafter. The postdoctoral fellow must maintain continuous registration for each term of research. As part of this registration, postdocs are allowed to enroll in 16 credits of didactic course work throughout their postdoctoral training at no cost to the postdoctoral fellow.

If you have any questions please contact the director of postdoctoral training:
Professor Valeria Culotta at