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Concentration in Health and Public Policy

Recent Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Graduate Name Dissertation Title
Shani Buggs (2018) Efforts to reduce gun violence in Baltimore: Evaluating drug law enforcement, focused deterrence, and cure violence
Sachini Bandara (2018) Policy evaluation and strategic communication research to improve the lives of individuals with severe mental illness and criminal justice involvement
Michelle Wong (2017) Obesity disparities: The role of neighborhoods, family and healthcare
Krycia Cowling (2017) The impacts of global trade and investment liberalization on non-commercial disease risk factors
Tara Sell (2016) Health policy responses and news media coverage of an emerging outbreak: The case of ebola
Molly Simmons (2016) The integrated disability evaluation system: The political life cycle of health policy from concept to evaluation
Julia Wolfson (2016) What's cooking? A mixed methods analysis of cooking perceptions, practices and the implication for food policy
Jessica Young (2015) The development and implementation of state offices of minority health
Nicole Errett (2014) Friend or foe? The relationship of interlocal collaboration and emergency preparedness
Marian Jarlenski (2014) The role of policy in promoting women's health during pregnancy and postpartum
Mike Kim (2013) The impact of prescription drug monitoring programs on adolescents and young adult poisoning deaths
David Swedler (2013) A mixed methods examination of distracted driving in commercial truck drivers
Greg Tung (2013) Political institutional factors and public health policy: An examination of the associations between direct democracy and preemption on state-level tobacco control and injury prevention policies

Below is a list of positions from Alumni of the PhD Concentration in Health and Public Policy.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Violence Prevention Research Program, University of California, Davis
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Research Fellow in Health Services Research: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Researcher: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
  • Assistant Professor: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Department of Environmental Health and Engineering
  • Policy Researcher: RAND Corporation
  • Assistant Professor: American University's Department of Health Studies
  • Assistant Professor: University of Michigan School of Public Health
  • Lecturer: University of Washington School of Public Health's Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Services
  • Assistant Professor: University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health
  • Director and Head of Center of Data Excellence: AArete
  • Assistant Research Scientist: Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
  • Assistant Professor: University of Colorado School of Public Health