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Concentration in Health Economics and Policy

Recent Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Graduate Name Dissertation Title Current Position
Mark Meiselbach (2022) Market Factors Influencing the Choice and Generosity of Health Insurance Plans Offered to Employees Assistant Professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health
Brendan Rabideau (2022) Essays on Telemedicine and Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic Associate, Analysis Group
Yang Wang (2022) The Impact of Increasing Private Insurance Payment Rates and ACA Medicaid Expansion on Hospital Behaviors and Patient Experience Assistant Scientist, Bloomberg School of Public Health
Debbie Bozzi (2021) Indirect Effects of Financial Incentives on Physician Behavior in Perinatal Care Senior Researcher, Health Care Cost Institute
Sonal Parasrampuria (2019) The Impact of Health Insurance Generosity on Beneficiary Costs, Utilization and Outcomes FDA Team Lead and Social Science Analyst, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), HHS
Shawn Du (2019) Consumer Decision-Making in the Health Insurance Marketplace Associate Director, Real World Value & Evidence -Oncology, Johnson and Johnson
Caroline Hanson (2019) The Relationship between Insurance Market Concentration and Healthcare Use and Quality: An Exploration of the Role of Market Dynamics, Patient Demand, and Physician Incentives Principal Analyst, Congressional Budget Office
Taruja D. Karmarkar (2018) The Value of Direct-Acting Antivirals for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in an Integrated Healthcare System Associate Director, Policy Research, Merck
Roza Vazin (2018) Essays on Strategies to Reduce Potentially Avoidable Hospital Utilization in Maryland Director of Data Science and Analytics, Amino Health
Nicolae Done (2017) The Effects of Global Budget Payments on Hospital Utilization and Quality in Rural Maryland Manager, Analysis Group
Ilene L. Hollin (2016) Patient-Centered Benefit Risk (PCBR) assessment in Drug Development: An Application for Rare Diseases Assistant Professor, Temple University
Ellen Janssen (2017) Measuring Treatment Preferences of People with Type 2 Diabetes, An Application of Stated-Preference Methods Director, Janssen Pharmaceutical
Susan T. Yeh Beyer (2016) Essays on the Federal Financing of the Medicare and Medicaid Programs Principal Analyst, Congressional Budget Office
Eric T. Roberts (2015) Essays on Markets for Primary Care Services for Medicaid Adults Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburg
Christine Buttorff (2014) The Impact of Value-Based Insurance Design on those with Multiple Chronic Conditions: An Examination of Maryland's High-Risk Insurance Pool Policy Researcher, RAND
Jason G. Matheny (2013) The Economics of Pharmaceutical Development: Costs, Risks and Incentives President and Chief Executive Officer, RAND
Erin E. Trish (2013) Essays on Competition in US Private Health Insurance Markets Co-director and Associate Professor, USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics
Ricky Brathwaite (2013) The Impact of Race and Lifestyle -dependent Exposures on Health State Preferences and the Implication for Health System Utilization CEO, Bermuda Health Council
Frederic Selk (2013)  Essays on Physician Behavior Partner, Bates White