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2020 Scholars

Allison Magnuson, DO


Assistant Professor
University of Rochester

Allison Magnuson is a board certified geriatrician and medical oncologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center with a clinical focus on the treatment of older adults with breast cancer. Magnuson’s research focuses on the intersection of cancer, aging and cognition. She was awarded the Beeson Career Development Award for Emerging Leaders in Aging Research (K76) from the National Institute on Aging to develop an intervention to mitigate cancer-related cognitive dysfunction for older adults with breast cancer. Magnuson serves in multiple leadership roles both institutionally and nationally within the geriatric oncology community, with the goal of improving care for older adults with cancer. She is the Director of the Specialized Oncology Care and Research in the Elderly (SOCARE) Clinic at the University of Rochester, which is one of the largest outpatient geriatric oncology clinical programs in the country. She also leads the Junior Investigator Board of the Cancer and Aging Research Group (CARG), supported by an R21/R33 grant to develop research infrastructure in the geriatric oncology community nationwide.