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Master of Health Administration (MHA)

MHA Executive in Residence and Alumni

Executive in Residence

Mr. Jay Blackman was appointed to the role of Executive in Residence in 2019. In this role, Mr. Blackman serves as Chair the MHA Advisory Board:

  • The mission of the Advisory Board is to advance the goals of the MHA program, its academic standards, and the preparedness of its graduates through advice on how the program can better serve students, faculty, alumni, the University, and the healthcare industry through participating in program planning, development, and evaluation.

As a member of the faculty, Mr. Blackman also

  • Collaborates with the MHA Student Association to identify and recruit speakers for the quarterly (1 per academic term) seminar series on emerging leadership/management topics for health care.
  • Participates in a Strategic Planning process
  • Advises Program Directors on core curriculum, course review and enhancement, program competencies.
  • Assists in administrative residency site development and expansion.
  • Provides guidance on external program relations related to program rankings (USN&WR), CAHME accreditation, and competency assessments.

Justin Serrano, MHA 2019

As an MHA student at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, I gained valuable insights and knowledge from seasoned healthcare professionals across a broad array of health-related disciplines. The foundation I built during my graduate studies enabled me to bring both new and valuable perspectives to the teams I work with today. As the president of the MHA student association, I also had the privilege to work with an amazing group of peers to enhance the overall student experience and bolster our program’s connection to its alumni base. In my current role as a Vice President of Operations at HCA Healthcare, I leverage the skills I built at JHSPH each and every day to support my organization’s commitment to the care and improvement of human life!

Justin Serrano