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Certificate Programs

Global Digital Health Certificate Program

Sponsored By: Department of International Health

Onsite | Part-Time | 1-3 years

About the Global Digital Health Certificate Program

Digital health refers to the development and use of digital technologies—which includes m/eHealth, health informatics, telemedicine, data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence—utilized in and throughout health systems to improve health.

The Global Digital Health Certificate program provides concrete training—grounded in real-world challenges and informed by leading-edge scholarship—in the contexts of digital health use in low- and middle-income country settings and focused on methodology, monitoring and evaluation of digital health interventions, and digital health leadership skills.

This certificate program is for students interested in digital health and pursuing a terminal master’s program who plan to join academic, government, or private-sector employment, and for students who plan to pursue additional advanced degrees (e.g., DrPH, PhD). This certificate is brought to you by the Center for Global Digital Health Innovation and is sponsored by the Department of International Health where the Center is based.  Students pursuing the certificate are encouraged to consider joining the Digital Health Society, a student-led organization at Johns Hopkins.

Educational Objectives

  1. Students will better understand how digital health is implemented and evaluated in low- and middle-income contexts, which can be applied to domestic and international settings. 
  2. Students will be able to apply their knowledge to develop and implement evaluations for digital health interventions

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and describe key types of digital interventions applied to improve a variety of health services and the essential components for implementing digital health intervention.  
  2. Discuss and examine the practical issues related to the implementation of digital health interventions as well as the social, political, and economic factors that influence global digital health research and priorities. This includes discussions around ethics and privacy considerations, research and evaluation methods, novel interventions, partnership building, and stakeholder engagement. 
  3. Critically appraise technical considerations for the selection, adaptation, and implementation considerations for various digital health platforms. 
  4. Develop requirements, data flow diagrams, and a process to conceptualize implementation of digital health interventions. 
  5. Develop an implementation and evaluation plan for a digital health intervention, which includes explaining key reporting requirements, describing different innovative methodologies that could be utilized to evaluate such interventions, differentiating strengths and weaknesses of evaluation methods, and selecting the appropriate quantitative and qualitative data collection methods.

Curriculum for the Global Digital Health Certificate Program

Please visit our Academic Catalogue to see the full certificate curriculum requirements. Please also review the certificate completion requirements.

Admissions Requirements

Degree Students

The certificate program is only open to master's and doctoral students currently enrolled in a degree program at the Bloomberg School of Public Health; it is not open to graduate students in other JHU divisions. MAS degree students are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must submit the declaration of intent form and select "Global Digital Health" prior to starting coursework.

Eligible Start Terms:

Summer, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

Non-Degree Students

This certificate program is only open to individuals who are currently matriculated in a degree program in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Information regarding the cost of tuition and fees can be found on the Bloomberg School's Certificate Programs Tuition page.

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Sponsoring Department
International Health

Certificate Program Contact
Karen Unterberger

Faculty Co-Sponsors
Shivani Pandya
Smisha Agarwal