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Accelerated Learning Institutes

Summer Institutes


Registration: Opens February 14, 2022 and continues throughout the summer

First courses begin May 31, 2022 but courses of different lengths (from one day to two weeks) are offered throughout the summer.

Spend a day or several weeks learning all things public health at the Johns Hopkins Institutes of Public Health this summer, online, from the comfort of your own home! In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bloomberg School will offer the vast majority of its Summer Institute courses entirely virtually, so that participants from all over the world can access the essential public health information in these courses, without needing to travel. In the information-rich, engaging environment of the Summer Institutes courses, participants gain practical knowledge to impact real-world public health concerns.

Please check back frequently here to see the course schedules prior to registering

Working professionals with busy schedules or students looking to pick up some extra credits may choose from more than 100+ courses taught by leaders in public health.

The Summer Institutes give you the time you need to enjoy the summer and the flexibility to continue your educational and career goals. From current health care policy to epidemiological research to disease eradication and more—there’s a topic to fulfill your interests.

  • Online courses
  • Course vary in length, for maximum flexibility
  • 100+ courses span many topics
  • Credit or non-credit classes
  • World-renowned faculty
  • Open Admissions

All courses are available for academic credit, but participants can choose to take courses not-for-credit for a reduced cost.

The Summer Institutes are organized by individual departments within the Bloomberg School. Students can take courses in multiple institutes or focus exclusively on one department’s offerings.

Updated February 1, 2021

Why Summer Institutes?


with public health leaders. 


real-world concerns and solutions.


your career goals.

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With over 100 courses available, there is sure to be a course for everyone.