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Our Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Plan: The Power of Public Health

From Plan to Action

Published in Fall 2018, the Bloomberg School’s strategic plan was designed to set a course for the ensuing five years. It is built upon the principle that our world is constantly changing and we must relentlessly adapt to new challenges.

We could not have imagined then what the following three years would bring. While the power of public health has been on full display, so has its fragility. Our world has been upended not only by the pandemic but also by a long-overdue reckoning with inequity, racism, and injustice.

Throughout this time, our strategic plan has served us well as we blazed new trails, focusing our attention and directing our work on the power of education, science, partnerships, people, and advocacy.

Looking to the future, we are taking the time to evaluate our midterm progress, examine areas for improvement, and chart a course for the immediate years ahead to ensure we live up to the five-year expectations we set for ourselves.

Reimagining Our Campus in Support of Our Goals

aerial image of the new building

After our strategic plan was published, we were provided with an extraordinary opportunity to invest in a re-envisioning of our physical campus. This will expand the current footprint of the Bloomberg School to accommodate future growth and provide opportunities to re-engineer how we work together to further our mission.

The planning of a new building and renovation of existing space will be guided by the five pillars of our strategic plan. We will build a physical space that: 

  • Fosters interdisciplinary and cross-departmental research and enhances our teaching for tomorrow’s learners.
  • Opens our doors to the community in a way that will expand our partnerships here in Baltimore and around the world.
  • Cultivates a diverse, inclusive, efficient, and sustainable environment for all faculty, students, staff, and the individuals and organizations with whom we collaborate.

We are committed to creating this environment while considering evolving workplace strategies spawned by the pandemic.

We have recently completed a feasibility study that will inform the best and highest-value options for our re-envisioned campus and guide us though the next phase of planning in 2022.



Strategic Priorities for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

In this January 2020 video, Dean MacKenzie explains the five pillars shaping the School’s future.