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Leading Transformation for Value‑Based Health Care - Fully Online

Areas of Study

Leadership, Negotiation, and Organizational Change Management – 25%

  • Leadership Frameworks
  • Negotiation Framework and Analytics
  • Conflict Management
  • Managing Transitions
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership

Population Health Management and Analytics – 20%

  • Context of Population Health and Overview
  • Population Health - Understanding Complex Chronic Illness
  • Population Health and Risk Adjustment
  • Population Health – Health Behavior Change

Behavioral Economics and Finance in Accountable Care – 20%

  • Value-based Incentives and Compensation Models
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Academic Medical Centers – Funds, Flows and Implications for Value
  • Managing the Revenue Stream and Analytical Research and Trends

Quality Improvement and Measurement – 15%

  • Measuring Quality in Accountable Care
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Quality Performance Measures
  • Barriers and Challenges, Models, Evidence, and Solutions
  • Improving Patient Safety with Human Factors and Ergonomics

Health Information for Care and Health Management – 15%

  • Healthcare IT  and Value-Based Healthcare
  • Healthcare IT - Harnessing the Power of Electronic Health Records
  • The Role of Health Information Exchange
  • Use of Predictive Models in Value-base Care

Ethical Issues in Value-based Health Care – 5%

  • Ethical Issues in Managed Care
  • Quality Care is Ethical Care