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Master of Health Science (MHS)

Concurrent Schoolwide Master of Health Science Program in Biostatistics

The object of this program is to provide doctoral students in other departments with the opportunity to pursue an MHS program in Biostatistics concurrently with their doctoral program. The administrative requirements and certifications by the faculty as set forth in the existing Policy and Procedure Memoranda for the respective doctoral degrees apply to the doctoral degree requirements of the concurrent School-wide Doctoral/Master of Health Science program in Biostatistics.

Students must have been accepted into one of the doctoral programs at Johns Hopkins University. With the primary department's approval, the student may apply to the Master of Health Science program in Biostatistics. Students already in residence may also apply to the program. Specific details about sequencing of courses, etc., will be arranged in conjunction with the doctoral program involved. Core course requirements consist of successful (graded) completion of the 651 and 646 sequences; these classes should be taken over the course of the student's first two or three years in residence in the doctoral program. Three additional (graded) statistical electives are required (introductory statistics courses excluded; other quantitative courses may serve as substitutes upon approval of the graduate program).  Sixty-four total credits of coursework in Biostatistics or other areas are required.

Additionally, students must attend Biostatistics departmental seminars, take a written comprehensive examination, and complete a culminating data analysis project.  Upon satisfactory completion of these requirements, the student is then eligible for award of the Master of Health Science in Biostatistics degree.

Before they will be awarded the MHS degree, students whose primary department is NOT in the Bloomberg School of Public Health will also need to:  1) register and pay tuition for two credits of special studies research (140.840) as a School of Public Health student during a summer term; 2) complete a course on the responsible conduct of research (ie, 550.860 Research Ethics, or 306.665 Research Ethics and Integrity); and 3) complete the course 550.865 (Public Health Perspectives on Research), held during second term.

How to Apply

There is a brief (one-page) application that interested students will need to fill out and have approved by their advisor and department chair. Prospective students should wait to apply until they have completed one term of either the 651 or 646 sequences, but they must apply before they have completed one-half of the required coursework.

For further information about the concurrent school-wide Master of Health Science Program in Biostatistics, or to request an application, please contact Mary Joy Argo, academic administrator for the Department of Biostatistics.

The department may accept a few students who do not seek degrees (special students and postdoctoral fellows) for periods of at least one academic year. This provision is intended for mature students who wish to undertake specialized study or research.