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Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH)

Master's Essay Titles

Master's essays are organized by topics.

  • Adolescent Health
  • Child Health
  • Maternal, Fetal and Perinatal Health
  • Population and Health
  • Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health

Adolescent Health

  • BMI, Achievement & Absenteeism in Predominantly African-American Students: Evidence from Longitudinal Data
  • Current trends in diversity by race, ethnicity and sex within the Psychiatric physician workforce
  • Evaluation of a Maternal Mental Health Training Intervention for the Nurse-Family Partnership
  • Exploring Perceptions about the Grads2Careers Program in Baltimore: A Mixed Methods Evaluation
  • Sex differences in gender norms and career planning among Bangladesh adolescents
  • The application of intersectionality in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Systematic Review
  • What do we know about how African American adolescents make decisions to use long-acting reversible contraception methods?

Child Health

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences in Latino Children in Immigrant Families versus US-Native Families
  • An association between maternal intimate partner physical violence and a loaded firearm in the home
  • Correlation between history of abortion and preterm birth in subsequent pregnancy: A systematic review
  • Disability Complexity and Placement Outcomes for Children in Foster Care
  • Embedding Equity into Maryland’s Prenatal-to-Age Three (PN-3) System of Care
  • Importance of Provider-Parent Communication to Address Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Improving Efficient Care for Children in Foster Care in the Hospital Setting: Learning from Inpatient Healthcare Providers
  • Improving operating room turnover times through process redesign: A case study at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital
  • Perceptions of Asthma Control Among Caregivers of Children with Asthma
  • Prenatal, Perinatal and Early Childhood Risk Factors for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Childhood
  • Protection through projection: A preventive approach to attacks on health in humanitarian settings
  • Sexuality education in elementary school: Approaches, effectiveness and challenges
  • Working with Families with Substance Use Problems and/or Substance Exposed Newborns: Child Welfare Staff Experiences

Maternal, Fetal and Perinatal Health

  • Adaptation and Application of an Observational Measure of Home Visit Quality to a Standard Mother Procedure
  • Assessing predictors of elevated distress among newly arrived humanitarian immigrants in Maryland
  • Community Health Workers in Reducing Infant Mortality in South Asia: A Systematic Literature Review
  • Consumer Produce Shaping Behavior; Using Customer Corporate Disconnect to Inform WIC Shopping Experiences
  • Evidence-Based Interventions to Increase Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care
  • Family planning access in forcibly displaced populations
  • High-risk Pregnancy: Tracking, follow up, and interventions to improve outcomes
  • Is Gonadotropin (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Dosage Associated with Embryo Quality? An Analysis of 1,966 Autologous Fresh In-Vitro Fertilization Cycles
  • Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Weight Gain in the Prenatal Period
  • Measuring Post-Traumatic Stress After Childbirth: A Review and Critical Appraisal of Instruments
  • Medicaid Options for Increasing Prenatal Care Utilization Among Pregnant Adolescents: A Policy Analysis
  • Race and ethnic differences in different stages of embryo development within BMI categories
  • Reaching the 3-Month Mark: A Qualitative Investigation of the Breastfeeding Journeys of WIC Mothers
  • Reducing Maternal Morbidity During the Postpartum Period: A Literature Review
  • Social and Behavior Change Communication Intervention on Family Planning Uptake: A Systematic Review
  • Two-way misclassification of stillbirths and neonatal deaths in household surveys: Evidence from Tanzania
  • Validity and Reliability of Using Mobile Phone Surveys to Evaluate Community Health Worker Program in Mali
  • Warm handoffs for improving receipt of services following referral: A Systematic Review
  • Women's reporting of current use of contraceptive methods before and after the introduction of contraceptive method awareness questions: A methodological report using PMA2020 survey data from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Nigeria

Population and Health

  • Analyzing the global policy of Sustainable Development Goal #5: Missing the mark with gender equality and the way forward
  • Asset Mapping in Systems Science: Avenues to Action in Community-Based Participatory Research across British Columbia
  • Characterizing Associations of Asthma Prevalence with Urbanization in Peruvian Children
  • Integrating a maternal and child health, nutrition and child nutrition intervention package within existing Bangladesh government first-level health facilities: a feasibility study
  • Timing and Correlates of Reproductive Transitions to Adulthood among Youth in Rural Ethiopia

Women’s, Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • A Quality Improvement-Based Approach to Increasing Recommended Developmental Screenings in Pediatric Primary Care Settings
  • Associations Between Female Sex Worker Experiences with Uniformed Officers and HIV status in the Gambia: Results of an Integrated Biological and Behavioral Survey
  • Characterizing Reproductive Health Status and Service Utilization Among Female Filipino Migrant Workers in Macao (SAR), China
  • Contraceptive autonomy among women in Uganda
  • Distinct cardiopulmonary endpoints at baseline in women exposed to CO and PM2.5 in three international communities
  • Do Men Have a Choice in Becoming Fathers? Exploring Men’s Reproductive Agency and Wantedness of Pregnancies: Determinants and Effects
  • Engaging Men to Influence Postpartum Family Planning Uptake in Ethiopia
  • Experiences of Client-Perpetrated Condom Coercion Among Female Sex Workers in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand
  • Housing Instability and Violence Victimization Among Women Who Use Drugs (WWUD) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Intimate partner violence and psychological distress among female Congolese refugees: Methods and baseline data from a pilot study in Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania
  • Is Being Out Protective or Harmful for Young Black-Men? Outcomes and Sexual Health During First Same Sex Anal Intercourse
  • Lifetime experiences of gender-based violence, depressions, and condom use among female sex workers in Cameron
  • Measuring congruency of actual and perceived sexual health communication between American Indian youth and their trusted adults
  • Mental health disparities of LGBTQA autistic adults compared to heterosexual and cisgender autistic adults
  • PrEP and Porn: Trends in popularity of condom-less pornographic videos featuring men having sex with men
  • Prevalence and correlates of modern, non-barrier contraceptive use among female sex workers in two urban areas of Senegal
  • Prevalence of depression and key associated factors among female sex workers living with HIV in Dyurban, South Africa
  • Pulling Back the Curtain on Threats to Publicly Funded Family Planning
  • Readiness for Intimate Partner Violence Response among Supportive Housing Programs: A capacity Assessment in Maryland
  • Spatial Access to Abortion Before and After a Medicaid Funding Change in West Virginia:  An Ecological Study
  • The Reproductive Health Needs of Syrian Refugees in Host Communities/Jordan
  • Uptake of Postpartum Family Planning Methods by Trained Provider Zones: An Impact Analysis of Jhpiego’s “Sustainable Scale-up of Postpartum Family Planning” Project In Burkina Faso"