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Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Core Course Requirements

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program at the Bloomberg School is designed for the public health professional who intends to pursue a leadership position anchored in evidence-based decision making. The courses listed below provide an academic foundation on which the DrPH program builds.

The following courses are prerequisites for the DrPH program. If students have not taken these courses or equivalent ones within the past 5 years (for a B or higher), they will be required to take them after matriculation. Students who take the core requirements after matriculation cannot apply the credits toward the minimum credit requirement for the DrPH degree. For biostatistics, the core requirement can be fulfilled with a course in statistical methods or with two courses in statistical reasoning. 

PH.340.721Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I5
Biostatistics: Statistical Reasoning 
PH.140.611Statistical Reasoning in Public Health I3
PH.140.612Statistical Reasoning in Public Health II3
Biostatistics: Statistical Methods 
PH.140.621Statistical Methods in Public Health I4
When students matriculate into the DrPH program, their prior coursework will be reviewed and considered for fulfillment of the core requirements. Students will be asked to submit course descriptions and syllabi for prior coursework in order to evaluate the comparability of topics and learning objectives. Students will be informed about which core requirements they need to address through coursework or waiver exams. The coursework and/or waiver exams may be completed during the DrPH Program; they do not need to be completed prior to matriculation.