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Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Core Course Requirements

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program at the Bloomberg School is designed for the public health professional who intends to pursue a leadership position anchored in evidence-based decision making. The courses listed below provide an academic foundation on which the DrPH program builds.

If students have not taken the below or equivalent courses at the Bloomberg School of Public Health within the last five years for a B or better, they may be required to take them or to pass the corresponding waiver exams to demonstrate subject matter proficiency. While this course work can be taken during the course work phase of the program, it is in addition to the minimum 64 credits required for the DrPH degree.

  • 140.611 Statistical Reasoning in Public Health I (3 cr)
  • 140.612 Statistical Reasoning in Public Health II (3 cr)
  • 340.618 Epidemiology: The Basics (3 cr)

When students matriculate into the DrPH program, their prior course work will be reviewed for fulfillment of the core course requirements for the DrPH Program. Students will have the option to take the waiver exams or to take course work. The program provides some preparatory material for the waiver exams and they are offered free of charge.