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Summer Institutes

Summer Institute in Data to Policy

Offered By: Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Online | Part-Time | June 314, 2024

About this Program

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JUNE 3 – 14, 2024

2024 Summer Institute courses will be offered in a distance-learning, remote format. One course (Youth Voice in Public Health) will be offered in hybrid format with the option to participate in-person or virtually. All other courses will be offered virtually.

The Data to Policy in Population, Family and Reproductive Health Summer Institute is designed to equip students with skills needed to understand population-based data and shape policies related to families, reproductive health, and the health of populations. 

Course information is available on the Courses and Schedule page and our expert instructors are listed on the Faculty page. Please go to the Registration page to enroll in courses. Cost information can be found in the Tuition section.

The Institute is structured around the public health cycle of assessing health and health determinants, developing policy to respond to identified health needs, and assuring that implemented policies achieve their purpose through evaluation. All courses focus on using data to drive decisions and actions at each point in this public health cycle. Institute participants can select training in strategic leadership, youth engagement, policy analysis, resource management, and evaluation of programs and/or research. Courses are one to two credits and offered in short, compact formats suited for degree or non-degree seeking students. 


"Passionate instructors with real-world experience in the course material who also brought in guest lecturers from other specialties to expand what the course covered."

"The lectures were jam-packed with very interesting content, and I learned so much about global family planning policies and programs."

"If you are seeking intellectual growth and a challenging learning experience, the course 'Critically Evaluating the Science for Policy and Practice' offers opportunities to delve deeper into the subject matter, engage in critical thinking, and explore advanced concepts. A course that pushes you beyond your comfort zone can be highly rewarding, as it was for me."


Please visit the School's main Tuition and Fees page for information about tuition and fees for courses.

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