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Summer Institutes

Summer Institute in Gender and Health

Offered By: Department of International Health

Online | Part-Time

About the Summer Institute in GENDER AND HEALTH

June - August 2023 | Online | Short Courses

The Gender and Health Summer Institute is an exciting opportunity to build or refresh your skills in various aspects of gender and equity analysis. Featuring teaching by global experts, the course usually attracts students and those seeking professional development. It’s a great primer for learners seeking to integrate a gendered approach in their current thinking or practice, or those who wish to advise on gender within health organisations.

All health programs should take gender into consideration and integrate it to have an impact on health outcomes and equity. The Gender and Health Summer Institute features an applied educational curriculum to advance research and implementation skills for gender analysis. 

The Gender and Health Summer Institute is composed of a series of short, focused, online courses that provide training in gender and health equity. Courses focus on applied methods and are grounded in real-world challenges. They cover topics such as: gender analysis, women’s leadership, and gender-based violence. While many of the Gender and Health Summer Institute courses are new offerings, there are also a few well-established courses moving over from other Summer Institutes or departments. This Institute targets current and future global public health professionals around the world seeking applied gender skills.

Program Highlights

The Summer Institute is designed for students as well as working professionals, both within and outside of Johns Hopkins University. 

Applied skills: Courses will use knowledge and skills-based competencies, key foundations, and case studies from existing research and programs to build and enhance skills in applying gender-related analyses and programming. 

Flexible schedule: Fully online with a blend of asynchronous materials and synchronous lectures. All courses are between two and five half days long and offered from 8 am to 12 pm EST in order to accommodate different time zones. Students can take as many of the courses as they would like -- none of the Gender and Health Summer Institute courses overlap, allowing students to register for multiple without any scheduling conflicts. Specific course dates can be found on the Course Offerings page.

Diverse and international student body: Join students from around the world! Past students have represented a range of academic and professional backgrounds and come from dozens of countries, including Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, South Korea, Thailand, Uganda, UK, and Ukraine.

Curriculum: Courses are taught by leading faculty who have extensive interdisciplinary experience and expertise in the field of gender and health. 

Areas of interest

Using data to promote gender equity and health, gender transformative interventions, gender budgeting, conducting gender situational analyses, gender responsive monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy and communication for gender and health equity.

Tuition and Fees

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Katherine Banchoff
Institute Coordinator

Anna Kalbarczyk
Institute Co-Director
Implementation Scientist, Gender Specialist, Knowledge Translator

Rosemary Morgan
Institute Co-Director
Gender Specialist, Social Scientist, Public Health and Health Systems Researcher