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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees Overview

The Bloomberg School operates on academic terms, instead of semesters. 

  • a term is eight weeks (about half a typical semester) 

  • the traditional Academic Year is four terms (August to May) 

Full-time status requires registering for 12 or more credits per term. Registering for 11 or fewer credits per term is defined as part-time status. 

Tuition is assessed per term by the Office of Student Accounts & Business Services. Review the grid below to estimate the cost of your program

Student Accounts also has information regarding non-degree applicationspayment due dates and payment options.  

Merit Scholarships are awarded by the academic departments. The Financial Aid Office provides assistance with need-based grants, federal and private loans, and the Federal Work-Study Program. The Financial Aid Office also calculates the Cost of Attendance, which includes direct and indirect costs.


Tuition rates for the following academic year are reassessed and approved each spring. Each year, the Board of Trustees vote to increase tuition 2-4%. 

Annual, Full-time 4 Term Tuition  $65,952 ($16,488 per term) 
Annual, Full-time 5 Term Tuition (MPH Full-time) $82,440 ($16,488 per term) 
Part-time Per-Credit Tuition $1,374 per credit 

Breakdown by Program Type including Scholarships

Expand the appropriate degree program to learn about scholarship opportunities for that particular degree.

MPH Full-time (11-month program)
Annual Tuition/Per TermFunding/ Scholarships
($16,488  per term for 5 terms) 

The MPH office considers admitted students for available MPH Scholarships. Please note some scholarships require an additional application. 

The Bloomberg Fellowship Program covers all tuition and fees and includes a stipend to defray a portion of living expenses and travel. A separate

MPH/MBA with Carey Business School students are charged BSPH’s full-time rate for 9 terms over two years.

2024-2025 Academic Year: $82,440 ($16,488 per term for 5 terms first year)

2025-2026 Academic Year: 4 terms at the new tuition rate, which will likely increase based on Board of Trustee determination.


Application for admissions serves as the application for merit-based scholarships.




Other Full-time Master’s Programs (MBE, MHA, MHS, MS in Toxicology for Human Risk Assessment, MSPH, ScM)
Annual Tuition/Per TermFunding/ Scholarships
($16,488 per term for 4 terms) 
Many departments offer the Master's Tuition Scholarship for two-year, full-time master's degrees. 
MBE students will receive 20% tuition scholarship for up to four terms. 
Annual Tuition/Per Term Funding/ Scholarships
($16,488 per term for 4 terms) 

All full-time PhD students will receive the following support for the first four years of the program: full tuition, individual health insurance, University Health Services clinic fee, vision insurance and dental insurance. Some departments offer additional funding for their PhD students. Please check the department of interest’s website for more information.  

Need-Based Relocation Grant

Students who are admitted to PhD programs beginning in Fall 2023 or beyond at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) can apply to receive a $1500 need-based grant to offset the costs of relocating to be able to attend JHU. The application for the need-based relocation grant will be sent to applicants once they have been admitted to one of the PhD programs. These grants provide funding to a portion of incoming students who, without this money, may otherwise not be able to afford to relocate to JHU for their PhD program. This is not a merit-based grant. The grant applications will be evaluated solely based on financial need. View more information about the need-based relocation grants for PhD students.

MPH Online/Part-time

(80-credit program, students have up to 4 years to complete the program) 


Annual Tuition/Per Term Funding/ Scholarships
$1,068 per credit (reflecting Welch scholarship of $306 per credit)

All students enrolled in the MPH Online/Part-time program receive the Welch Scholarship.  
The Bloomberg Fellowship Program covers all tuition and fees and includes a stipend to defray a portion of living expenses and travel. A separate application process is required. 

Master of Applied Science (MAS)

(48.5-50.5 credit programs, students can complete the programs in 2-4 years)  

Annual Tuition/Per TermFunding/ Scholarships
$846 per credit (reflecting MAS Program Scholarship of $528 per credit) All students enrolled in a Master of Applied Science degree and certificate programs offered by the MAS Office are awarded a scholarship in the amount of $528 per credit. This scholarship applies only to credits for required coursework.
DrPH Online/Part-time

(64 credit program, students can complete the program in 4-9 years) 

Annual Tuition/Per Term Funding/ Scholarships
$1,374 per credit 

The Bloomberg Fellowship Program covers all tuition and fees incurred by the student, for up to a total of 64 credits. A separate application process is required. 

All other programs with a Part-time Student Status, including Special Student Limited and Special Student- Certificate
Annual Tuition/Per Term Funding/ Scholarships
$1,374 per credit 


Tuition for Certificates

Part-time Students
  • Part-time BSPH degree students and non-degree students pursuing a certificate program pay the Bloomberg School's part-time per credit tuition rate, multiplied by the number of academic credit units taken for the certificate program; all certificate programs require a minimum of 18 academic credits, and many programs require more than 18 credits. 
  • Non-Degree Students enrolled in the certificate programs offered by the MAS Office will receive the MAS Program Scholarship.
  • Part-time BSPH degree students and non-degree students who take 12 or more academic credits in one term will be charged the School’s  full-time tuition rate for their enrollment for that term. That is, they will be charged the full-time rate, rather than being charged for course credits individually.
  • The BSPH tuition rate for future academic years may be different from the current rate, so students who will require more than one academic year to complete their certificate program should anticipate that the cost per academic credit may vary in future academic years. 
Full-Time BSPH Degree Students

Full-time BSPH degree-seeking students who have matriculated into an academic degree program at BSPH do not pay additional tuition for certificate courses, with the exception of Institute courses, whose costs are typically separate from degree program costs. 

Students Enrolled in Degree Programs in Other Divisions of JHU

Full-time students enrolled in a degree-program at another division of JHU should check with the Office of Records and Registration at their primary school of record to obtain information about the number of courses they may take at BSPH and the cost associated with those courses.

Summer, Fall, and Winter Institute Tuition

For-Credit Rate

Students taking Summer, Fall and/or Winter Institute courses for academic credit must pay the  Bloomberg School's part-time per credit tuition rate, multiplied by the number of academic credit units taken.

For Summer Institute courses in 2024, the tuition rate is $1,374/credit.

Full-time students in BSPH academic degree programs must pay for enrollments in Summer and Winter Institute courses separately, and in addition to their full-time tuition. Full-time students enrolling in up to 11 credits will pay per credit, and students enrolling in 12 or more credits will pay a flat rate.

Non-Credit Rate

Fall Institute Non-credit rate: 140 euros or approximately $154.00 per day/credit

Winter Institute 2024 Non-credit rate: $661 per credit

Summer Institutes 2024 Non-credit Rate: The non-credit rate for participants in Summer Institutes courses in 2024 is $687 per credit. Individual Summer Institutes may offer scholarships for courses taken not for academic credit, and information about these scholarships is listed on the individual Summer Institute webpages.

Specialization in Epidemiologic Methods for Public Health Professionals: Students may complete a 6-course not-for-credit program in Epidemiology for $7500. More information is available on the curriculum webpage

Postdoctoral Fellows 


($200 per term for 4 terms) 




Enrollment Deposit 


Required for all admitted degree candidates. It is applied to your student account as a credit toward all tuition and fees assessed upon enrollment. (Please note: This fee is non-refundable.) 

Matriculation Fee 


A one-time fee for all new degree candidates to offset costs associated with registration, record keeping and graduation. (Please note: This fee is separate from the enrollment deposit.) 

Health Clinic Fee 

($212.50 per term; 
first 4 terms) 

Assessed quarterly (first four terms) in the amount of $212.50 to all full-time students with or without the student health plan. It is assessed to offset the cost associated with health insurance. (Please note: This fee is non-refundable and is subject to change.) 

Leave of Absence Fee 

$50 per term 

A $50 fee assessed per term (excluding summer) for students who are on official leave of absence. 

Late Course Change Fee 


Assessed for adjusting a course schedule after the posted add/drop deadline for a term. No changes may be accepted during the last two weeks of each term. 

Proctoring Fee 


A few online courses require students to take proctored exams. Typically, there is no fee associated with using a proctor (instructions regarding finding a proctor can be found when students log into their eLearning account at is If a student cannot find an appropriate proctor who does not charge a fee, then a fee-based proctor may be necessary. 

Course Fee 

varies by course 

Fee charged by the department to cover the cost of printing for course packs, handouts, etc. Consult the course description for any associated course fees. 

Returned Check Fee (including e-checks) 


Assessed without exception for any check returned to the Bloomberg School by a banking institution. The Bloomberg School reserves the right to refuse future payments by personal check from any student once a fee has been assessed. 

Estimated Cost of Attendance for 2024-2025

The estimated cost of attendance at the Bloomberg School includes direct expenses, (tuition and fees) which are billed by the School, and indirect expenses for estimated living costs. The living allowance below is developed in compliance with federal regulations for determining eligibility for federal student aid (loans and work-study funding). These values should only be used as an estimate. Your actual costs will vary based upon needed books, supplies, and living arrangements. Students with special circumstances for unanticipated expenses (see the FA-Budget Adjustment Request Form for examples) can request a budget adjustment to their cost of attendance that may allow for additional federal loan borrowing eligibility.

Direct Costs

9 Months


9 Months


11 Months


11 Months


Tuition (full-time)$32,976$65,952$41,220$82,440
Health InsuranceN/A$3,116N/A$3,506
Health Fee N/A$850N/A$850
Matriculation Fee (one time new students)$500$500$500$500
Total Direct Costs$33,476$70,418$41,720$87,296
Indirect Costs

9 Months


9 Months


11 Months


11 Months


Living Expenses/Housing**$15,300$15,300$18,700$18,700
Living Expenses/Food$5,778$5,778$7,062$7,062
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, Equipment$1,000$2,000$1,250$2,500
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$2,520$2,520$3,080$3,080
Total Indirect Costs$26,785$29,972$32,765$36,688
Total Cost of Attendance***$60,261$100,390$74,485$123,984

Costs are subject to change without prior notice.

*Full-time = 12+ credits; Half-time = 6 credits - minimum term enrollment required for federal loans.

**If you are a student living in housing on a military base or for which you receive a basic allowance under section 403(b) of title 37 of the United States Code, please contact SEAM to discuss how this may affect your cost of attendance.

***Average Loan Fees of up to $1,723, depending on the loan amount, will be added for federal loan borrowers.