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Combined / Dual Degrees

Bachelor's / Master of Health Science (MHS)

Offered by: Department of Epidemiology

Onsite | Full-Time

About This Program

The Bachelor's/Master of Health Science is designed exclusively for undergraduate students currently enrolled at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) that are majoring in Public Health Studies and already interested in pursuing an advanced degree through the combined degree program at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heath (BSPH).

JHU undergraduate students majoring in Public Health Studies have the unique opportunity to seek early admission to the Master of Health Science (MHS) degree. The combined Bachelor's/MHS program prepares students for further graduate work or prominent careers in research and science. The benefit of the Bachelor's/MHS is that it allows Johns Hopkins University undergraduates (only) to take BSPH courses during their undergraduate program and apply up to 16 credits accumulated as undergraduates in the MHS program. Students who complete the bachelor's at JHU, become MHS candidates in Epidemiology and follow the MHS program, with a compressed version of the master’s degree encouraged.

All applicants are encouraged to complete multiple biology and other science/math courses prior to entering the program. Students in this program will receive co-advising from both schools to optimize their academic experience.

To learn more, please review the specific program details for the Master of Health Science (MHS) offered by the Department of Epidemiology.

Admissions Requirements and Eligibility

Applicants must be Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students majoring in Public Health Studies.  Public Health Studies majors should apply by July 1 following their junior year of undergraduate coursework. Students apply between their junior and senior year through SOPHAS Express.

Admitted students must complete their Bachelor's degree before formally enrolling in the Bloomberg School, but up to one half of the public health credits earned inter-divisionally toward their Bachelor's degree may also apply toward their MHS degree.

Undergraduates should still complete the following courses (or areas) prior to applying to the joint program:
a.    Calculus or an additional math course completed during their enrollment at JHU, 
b.    Biology or an additional science course completed during their enrollment at JHU,
c.    AS.280.101 Introduction to Public Health,
d.    AS.280.345 Public Health Biostatistics, 
e.    AS.280.350 Fundamentals of Epidemiology.

To apply, please use the SOPHAS Express application, making sure to select the appropriate combined degree option for your degree designation.

Applicants must submit the following:

  • Transcripts from Johns Hopkins University and, if applicable, transcripts from any other college-level institutions you have attended*
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Statement of purpose and objectives

*Please send an official transcript to the Admissions Services Office at:
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Admissions Services
615 N. Wolfe St., Ste. E1002
Baltimore, MD 21205

For more information on the Bachelor's/MHS program, contact Fran Burman at 

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Questions about the program? We're happy to help. 

Director of the Undergraduate Program in Public Health Studies
Maria Bulzaccelli

Academic Program Manager, Department of Epidemiology
Justin Switzer

Senior Scientist and Program Director
Aruna Chandran