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Master of Science (ScM)

Offered by: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Onsite | Full-Time | 2 years

A two-year program providing training in cellular and molecular biology, blending coursework in the first year with extensive lab research experience

Master of Science (ScM)

Offered by: Department of Epidemiology
Onsite | Full-Time | 2 years

Many students pursuing the ScM find themselves conducting a "mini doctoral dissertation" in terms of breadth and scope of their research.

Master of Science (ScM)

Offered by: Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Onsite | Full-Time | 2 years

The 2-year ScM program gives students an understanding of infectious diseases guided by research experience in the laboratory or field.

Master of Science (ScM)

Offered by: Department of Biostatistics
Onsite | Full-Time | 2 years

Our ScM targets individuals who have demonstrated prior excellence in quantitative or biological sciences and desire a career as a professional statistician.

Master of Science (ScM) in Environmental Health

Offered by: Department of Environmental Health and Engineering
Onsite | Full-Time | 2 years

The ScM in Environmental Health focuses on the association between the environment and health. Prepare for a career in medicine, research, advocacy, policy, or practice.

Master of Science (ScM) in Genetic Counseling

Offered by: Department of Health, Behavior and Society
Onsite | Full-Time | 2.5 years

The ScM in Genetic Counseling is designed to prepare graduates to provide genetic counseling with an emphasis on clients’ psychological and educational needs.