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Health Policy and Management Summer Institute June 2022


The flexibility of the Summer Institute's curriculum allows participants to choose courses across a broad array of offerings.

Students should select courses that best meet their educational and professional goals. To aid in the selection of offerings several course sequences have been identified. Several courses are housed in one or more course sequences. The sequences identified include: public health leadership, public health practice, healthcare management, public health economics, and health policy. Sequences are noted in the course descriptions and are designed to minimize course overlap within that sequence.

Course Credit

Summer Institute participants may earn graduate-level academic credit from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Courses taken for academic credit can be taken for a letter grade (A, B, C) or for Pass/Fail. Both of these options require the student to complete the final paper or assignment, and will receive a record of the course registration on a school transcript. Courses may also be taken on a non-credit. Courses taken for non-credit do not require the student to complete a paper or assignment, and no transcript from the school is produced. Students must make a decision regarding their course status at the time of registration; no one will be allowed to change their registration status after the first two hours of the course. It is recommended that students taking courses for academic credit not register for more than 4 academic credits per week (for a total of 12 credits over the duration of the institute.)

Certificate Programs

The Department of Health Policy and Management offers several certificate programs for Johns Hopkins degree-seeking students and non-degree-seeking students. Courses offered in the HPM Summer Institute may be applied to one or more of the Department certificates. For detailed information on the certificates offered through the Department of Health Policy and Management, please visit the School’s website. A notation on the Summer Institute’s website will identify Institute offerings that may be applied to certificate programs.

Special Student Limited

Students registered as special students limited may accumulate a maximum of 16 credits total. After 16 credits have been earned, application to and acceptance in special student regular or degree status is required.

Obtaining Transcripts

Students who register for academic credit will be able to get a transcript of their Summer Institute grades. To have transcripts forwarded to another institution, a written request must be submitted to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Office of Records and Registration at least ten working days before the transcript is needed. Students who want Summer Institute courses applied to degree programs at other institutions should consult with their home institution regarding transfer of credits and credit conversion.

All Summer Institute students will receive a certificate of participation after the completion of their course(s).