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General Information

Course Credit

What is the difference between academic credit and non-credit/professional development?

Academic credit registration:

  • Receive an official transcript from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 
  • Required to fulfill course requirements and methods of evaluation.
  • Can choose either a letter grade or Pass/Fail grade option. 

Non-credit/professional development registration:

  • No official JHBSPH transcript of courses
  • Not required to participate in exams or other course requirements
  • Students who complete required coursework can request a formal statement of  performance
  • Tuition rate is one half the cost of academic credit tuition for most courses

Academic credit for a course is granted only if the following conditions have been met:

  • The student has been admitted to the School, either as a special student regular or a degree candidate or has registered as a special student limited. Students registered as special students limited may accumulate a maximum of 16 credits total.  After 16 credits have been earned, application to and acceptance in special student regular or degree status is required.
  • The student has completed all course requirements including examinations.

Students who register for academic credit can request a transcript of their Summer Institute grades. 

All Summer Institute students will receive a certificate of participation on the completion of their courses.