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Charles Deutsch, ScD

Director, Population Health Research Program of Harvard Catalyst
Harvard University

Charles Deutsch recently retired as Director of the Population Health Research Program at Harvard Catalyst, Harvard University’s Clinical and Translational Science Center.  He oversees activities to build infrastructure that engages communities and speeds the development, adoption, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based policies and practices to improve population health. In more than twenty years at Harvard he has been Principal Investigator for a variety of domestic and global health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. He currently serves as Principal Investigator for the evaluation of Massachusetts’ innovative Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund initiative. He is also Co-PI of the Mixed Methods Research Training Program for the Health Sciences, funded by the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research of the National Institutes of Health. Throughout his career he has focused on peer education, community health workers, social and behavioral health, and the role in health of non-health professionals and settings. He holds a Masters in Teaching from Yale and a doctorate in Behavioral Sciences from the Harvard School of Public Health.