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Faculty Diversity Initiative

Diversity Advocate Network

​​The Diversity Advocate Network, comprised of at least one faculty member from each department, serves as the liaison between the Dean’s office, departments, and search committees with the goal of ensuring implementation of the School’s Faculty Diversity & Inclusion plan. This group advises the Dean’s office on relevant issues and continues to refine the School’s strategy on faculty diversity and inclusion.​

Name Rank Department
Saifuddin Ahmed Professor Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Allison Barlow Research Professor International Health
Jay Bream Professor Molecular, Microbiology and Immunology
Lorraine Dean Associate Professor Epidemiology
Vito Rebecca Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Darrell Gaskin Professor Health Policy and Management
Stephanie Hicks Associate Professor Biostatistics
Katherine Clegg Smith (Ex officio) Professor Health, Behavior and Society
Fenna Sille Assistant Professor Environmental Health and Engineering
Roland Thorpe Professor Health, Behavior and Society
Johannes Thrul Associate Professor Mental Health
Antonio Trujillo Associate Professor International Health
Keri Althoff Professor Epidemiology