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Student Assembly

Student Assembly Leadership

The Student Assembly relies on strong leadership and dedicated members in order to fulfill its mission of representing, preserving, and promoting the interests of all students at the Bloomberg School.

Leaderships of the Student Assembly comprises:

  • Executive Members
  • Departmental Representatives
  • Members-at-Large
  • Committees

Get Involved in Student Assembly

All students at the Bloomberg School are encouraged to participate in the Student Assembly. Students can:

  • Run for a position in the spring, summer, or fall elections
  • Ask your department about becoming a departmental representative
  • Participate in a Student Assembly committee
  • Attend a Town Hall or general Student Assembly meeting to voice your opinions, concerns, or questions
  • Start or join a student group

Contact any of the Executive Board or committee members below for more information. 

Current Leadership

The members of the 2022-2023 Student Assembly Executive Board include:

President Stanley Zheng

President-Elect Muneeb Zaidi

Vice President for Finance and Appropriations Elizabeth Linton

Co-Vice President for Communications and External Affairs  Irene Quarshie & Ayesha Siddiqua

Co-Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Community Affairs Michael Imai & Wilfredo Tangui

Co-Vice Presidents for Elections Obehi Aimiosior & Hannah Turley

Co-Vice Presidents for Professional Development and Academic Honors  Prabhjeet Singh & Janine Elya

Co-Vice President for Quality of Life Luciana Dinis & Arisha Khan

Co-Vice Presidents for Social and Cultural Affairs Alex Zhu & Prachi Agrawal

Vice President for Student Groups Grant Tore

Co-Vice Presidents for Inter-Campus Affairs Amy Mullan & Regina Yuen

Co-Vice Presidents for Departmental and Academic Affairs Chhavi Saini & Ahmed Elbordiny


The Student Assembly’s departmental representatives for 2022-2023 include:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Elvar Bjarkson

Biostatistics Vacant

Environmental Health and Engineering Kathryn Dixon

Epidemiology Johanna Heller

Health Policy and Management Lauren CJ Barrow

Health, Behavior and Society Maryam Mansoor

International Health Vacant

Mental Health Savannah Brenneke

Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Gracen Gerbig

MPH Part-time Nehali Vishwanath

Population, Family and Reproductive Health Elena Kern

Doctoral Student Council Representative Katrina Rodriguez and Jihwan Park

Online Programs of Applied Learning Najimdin Pedro

The Student Assembly’s members-at-large for 2021-2022 include:

  • Suyash Gupta
  • Patrick Tyczynski
  • Noor Qaragholi
  • Tanaya Sheth
  • Jahnavi Gupta
  • Danielle Nijometio
  • Aakash Parikh
  • Luke Grosvenor
  • Srikanth Peddireddy
  • Regina Yuen
  • Fares Yared
  • Darpa Anireddy
  • Jasmine Leonard
  • Whitney Damson
  • Ana Katsafanas
  • Trisha Patel
  • Vanessa Boadi
  • Matthew Aubourg
  • Isha Rao
  • Aditya Awasare

Student Assembly Standing Committees

Communications and External Affairs Committee

  • Maintain, update, and implement improvements to communication systems in use by Student Assembly, incudling (but not limited to) Hopkins Groups, the schoolwide flagship website, mailing lists, storage devices, and social media accounts.
  • Propose and promote improved avenues of information exchange between Student Assembly, the student body, staff, faculty, and administrative offices of the Bloomberg School.
  • Serve as a liasion between Student Assembly and the Information Technology offices of the Bloomberg School. 

Departmental and Academic Affairs Committee

  • Promote open channels of communication between the student body, Student Assembly, faculty, and staff regarding areas of opportunity and feedback on academic protocols, initiatives, and policies. 
  • Hold regular meetings with the inter-departmental council to discuss issues and concerns of the various departments and communicate these to the administration to create a better student experience.

Diversity, Equity, and Community Affairs Committee

  • Promote opportunities for students to get involved in community service and the community
  • Review community service grant applications for student groups interested in a community service project
  • Work to improve relations with the East Baltimore community with collaboration with various organizations, such as SOURCE, SPARC, and the administration
  • Organize events aimed at promoting community at the local, national, and international level, such as Baltimore Week and the advocacy panel series
  • Work with IDARE committee to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan

Elections Committee and MPH Co-officers

  • Organize and coordinate the spring, summer, and fall elections
  • Act as liaisons for the MPH cohort and SA. They're the main coordinators for events related to MPH cohort.

Finance & Appropriations Committee

  • Review funding applications for student events from recognized student groups and approve funds as appropriate
  • Oversee and manage the Student Assembly budget
  • Liaise between finance department and student groups for approved reimbursements

Inter-Campus Affairs Committee

  • To collaborate between graduate schools and plan events to encourage interdisciplinary networks.

Professional Development and Academic Honors Committee

  • Coordinate the year-end faculty, staff, AMTRA, TA, and student recognition for excellence awards
  • Organize the Student Assembly auction, which raises funds for the Student Conference fund
  • Administer the Student Conference fund application and selection process
  • Organize networking opportunities with the Deans and alumni
  • Work with the Career Services Office to organize events to support the professional lives of Bloomberg School students

Quality of Life Committee

  • Organize Town Hall meetings, a forum for dialogue between students and the administration
  • Conduct the end-of-year Quality of Life survey, which helps identify priorities for improvement
  • Work on issues that pertain to the overall quality of life of students

Social and Cultural Affairs Committee

  • Plan and organize social and cultural events for all students at the School
  • Past events have included the spring formal, happy hours, welcome and end-of-the-year parties, cultural events, and talent shows.

Student Groups Committee 

  • Liaise with student groups and the Student Assembly
  • Educate student groups about rules and regulations for planning an event
  • Work with new and potential student groups and share the processes for starting a new student group
  • Coordinate and communicate with all student groups about relevant deadlines and upcoming events

 Student Assembly Ad-Hoc Committees

 Doctoral Student Council (DSC)

  • An ad hoc committee of the Student Assembly
  • Has representatives from all 10 Departments of the Bloomberg School and the school-wide DrPH program
  • Advocates for doctoral students (PhD, DrPH, ScD), with special attention to:
    • Transparency of academic requirements
    • TA compensation and working conditions
    • Student benefits
    • Funding and tuition
  • Provides a platform for sharing best practices across departments

Students may reach out to DSC representatives from their departments for help addressing issues that affect doctoral students. Elections for new DSC representatives are held in each department in April-May of each academic year.