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Our Strategic Priorities

The Power of Partnerships

Nepal Nutrition Intervention Project Sarlahi (Sarlahi, Nepal)


Partner to protect the population’s health and advance equity and social justice worldwide, with a special commitment to Baltimore.

At the Bloomberg School, we value health as a human right and are committed to promoting health equity.

We translate these values into action, striving to make a difference in the health and well-being of Baltimore, the country and the world through the implementation and evaluation of evidence-informed policies and programs. No matter where we work or the size of the populations we work with, our success depends on listening to the community and developing authentic partnerships that are grounded in mutual trust and respect for shared values and goals. Whether training community health workers to improve maternal and infant mortality in remote villages or advising national and global leaders on effective policy to combat addiction, our faculty, students and staff are committed to building collaborations that lead to measurable improvements in people’s lives.

As befits the institution that pioneered the first academic program in international health, we are a global partner in building capacity and in developing, testing and implementing practices and policies that help the world’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people improve their health and well-being.

Our authentic, mutually beneficial partnerships with communities enhance our impact — we achieve much more by working together.

Mindi B. Levin, MS, CHES

Mindi B. Levin, MS, CHES®

Founder and Directory, SOURCE 
Assistant Scientist, Health, Behavior and Society; and Health Policy and Management

Closer to home, the Bloomberg American Health Initiative is training a new generation of public health leaders who are working across sectors to tackle some of the most critical public health issues facing the U.S. Additionally, SOURCE, a model for community engagement and service-learning, matches students, faculty and staff with opportunities for collaborative practice in Baltimore.

We have institutionalized our commitment to partnerships and practice through a dedicated Office of Public Health Practice and Training and the appointment of a Vice Dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement to ensure that we act on this commitment. Practice-based requirements for our courses and degree programs also provide an opportunity to embed community engagement and partnerships into teaching and learning.

Looking forward, we aim to grow and strengthen public and private partnerships to have a greater collective impact on health. A particular focus will be expanding our work with Baltimore and its communities. A guiding framework will be the Bloomberg American Health Initiative and its emphasis on developing deep partnerships with sectors both inside and outside the traditional boundaries of public health. We will also leverage our global footprint by building on our experience in communities around the world to help communities in the U.S. and elsewhere adapt learning to their own settings.


To continue to be a leading partner promoting global and local health, we will:

  • Expand the Bloomberg School’s efforts to improve health and well-being in Baltimore.
    Implementation Progress

  • Enhance our cross-sector collaborations and systems-level assessments and actions to improve health and advance equity and social justice.
    Implementation Progress

  • Foster collaborations to improve health through joint learning and action with local community health leaders and the Bloomberg School’s partners from around the world.
    Implementation Progress

2019-2023 Strategic Plan Cover


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