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Hampton House — Building on Legacy

For nearly a century, Hampton House has been a treasured part of the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus—a place for education, for personal and professional development, for cutting-edge inquiry, and, most of all, for fostering community.

Hampton House Tribute

A final open house to honor the legacy.

On May 16, Bloomberg School and School of Nursing alumni, faculty, staff, and students gathered at Hampton House to remember the remarkable people who worked in its offices and classrooms as well as to celebrate their impactful work. 

Black and white photograph of the Hampton House

Honor the Memories

From its completion in 1926 until 1973, Hampton House was a welcoming nest for fledgling nursing students.

The parlor hosted dignitaries such as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and held singalongs around the piano. Student nurses attended dances and sunbathed on the rooftop, while new graduates eagerly marked the beginning of their careers by hanging their worn-out brogan shoes on Hampton House’s street-front iron fence. 

Over the last 50 years, Hampton House has nurtured public health research, education, and practice: Tobacco control and harm reduction, the Good Behavior Game, the Center for Injury Research and Policy, and the Center for Immunization Research—to name just a handful. The halls have echoed with the buzz of lectures, laughter from cocktail hours, even the whiff of a potluck dinner or lunch wafting from the café.